Winter classic hand cream for women's intimate

Women who love themselves should always know how to care for themselves. You see, winter has come quietly to see what kind of hand cream to use in this season.

Neutrogena / NEUTROGENA Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream

Suitable for all skin types: All skin types are suitable for 40% "Glycerin" moisturizing ingredients, not greasy, just a little bit, you can moisturize the skin for a long time, let you feel the deep moisturizing like never before. Formulated with a fragrance-free formula, delicate skin can also be used with confidence. At the same time, the dry cracked elbows, knees and lips can be quickly returned to soft and smooth.

Netizens hot discussion:

How to use: Need to moisten the hand, otherwise it is not easy to spread. Other things I want to say: Really good, I have used N bottles, and I have to buy them.

Comprehensive score: 5

Xiaobian Comments:

Neutrogena's star products, I believe that I don't have to say more, it has always been a slogan, and this product alone is almost a word of praise! Xiao Bian feels that its texture is very gentle, the taste is also very elegant, the hand guard effect is wonderful, the price is quite affordable!

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