Why is the light body furniture more popular?

In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy, along with the increasing desire of people's consumer demand, has begun to have some illegal manufacturers selling fake milk, fake eggs, etc., also in the mahogany furniture market, some businesses in order to reduce costs More profit, the white skin is mixed in the core material, or mixed with fake materials and replaced with secondary materials, light body furniture is more and more popular in this environment.

According to the surface treatment process of mahogany furniture, it is divided into three types: one is waxing, one is raw lacquer, and the other is light body .

Lacquering: At present, it is a relatively common process. The paint on mahogany furniture is not a general chemical paint, but a natural lacquer. It can protect the mahogany furniture well, but it also has insufficient lacquering. Wherever, the lacquered mahogany furniture masks the true face of the wood, which provides an opportunity for the unscrupulous merchants to make a fake. Some merchants use the inferior wood or the white edge to impersonate the mahogany to obtain higher profits.

Furniture lacquering

Waxing: The waxing process not only shows the beautiful natural texture of the wood, but also forms a protective film on the wood to prevent the corrosion of the wood by the external environment. The insufficiency of the waxing process is that the gloss is not enough, and the brown eyes of the wood are exposed. If the brown eye of the wood used is relatively large, it will affect the appearance.

Wax on furniture

Light body: Light body furniture is also called white enamel, especially refers to the furniture that the manufacturer processes and produces, and the surface is polished but not waxed and lacquered.

Light body furniture_1

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Why is light body furniture popular?

Light body furniture advantages

1. In the industry, the incident of adulteration of mahogany furniture still exists, because the price of mahogany raw materials is expensive, some merchants take more profits in order to reduce costs, blend white skin with core material, or dope with fake materials and secondary materials. Alternative. After the furniture is made, it is covered by dyeing, lacquering, and waxing. This kind of furniture is sometimes difficult for experts to distinguish between true and false. As a result, consumers have lost trust in the manufacturers, resulting in the popularity of "light body" furniture. Because many fake furniture is the defect of covering materials by color, lacquer, wax, etc., and the "light body" furniture makes these hands and feet difficult to achieve, and there are more insurance factors.

2 These furniture are not protected by paint and wax. Will they corrode or damage? Some old furniture usually has a pulp. The formation of patina is mainly caused by people playing, wiping and using frequently. The events and characters inside are the indispensable factors for the formation of patina. The lacquering is a layer of separator on the surface of the furniture, which does not naturally form a patina. Light body furniture does not interfere with paint and wax, but can come out earlier to wrap, and these grouts not only make the furniture look more beautiful, but also protect the furniture.

3, light body furniture, can be polished again. Polishing, this is the most important process in the production of mahogany furniture. Polished well, can make the surface of the furniture very fine, has a good feel, after waiting for the pulp to come out, completely over the furniture with wax, and more natural and environmentally friendly.

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