Which brand of treadmill is good? Treadmill top ten brands

Nowadays treadmills have become the main mode of exercise for many families. For those who want to buy treadmills, it is helpful to know which brand of treadmill is good for shopping. To this end, the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the top ten brands of treadmills , only for your reference.

Which brand of treadmill is good ?


1 , Shuhua treadmill


Shuhua Co., Ltd., founded in 1996 , is a multi-disciplinary and diversified production enterprise group integrating product research and development, manufacturing, marketing and brand operation. The products include household fitness things, commercial fitness things, outdoor fitness methods, massage things, trade space props and other products, which is one of the most complete enterprises in the industry.


2 , Qiaoshan treadmill


Qiaoshan Kangjian Technology Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of treadmills, the top ten fitness things brand, was founded in 1975 in Taiwan, one of the leading companies in the world of fitness and industry, engaged in professional planning, manufacturing and marketing of fitness things.

3 , Huixiang treadmill


Shandong Huixiang takes “Dedicated to create happiness and health for the public” as the operational task of the enterprise. With the focus on “professional innovation, outstanding character, sincere service, mutual benefit and win-win”, the United International Health and Welfare has a long-term trend and aims at society. The fitness organization has a lot of needs, and strives to open up the secondary and high-end fitness products, and is pleased to offer high-quality products and professional services for the Chinese people's health project.


4 , million young treadmills


Wan Young Activity East and West Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of fitness things, the top ten brands of treadmills, the National Sports General Administration Training Bureau, the use of fitness things, the vice president of the China Sports Goods Solidarity Fitness Thing Branch, the leader of the activities in the country one.

5 , English Paez treadmill


Impulse is one of China's largest property group health, from its inception in 1991, has pioneered a fitness articles from R & D, manufacturing, sales, fitness, fitness training and healthy handled fully healthy industry chain.


6 , Biic Treadmill


Yuxun Fitness Products Co., Ltd., top ten brands of treadmills, top ten brands of exercise bikes, founded in 1909 in Spain, has a century-old European famous fitness products brand, the largest in Europe, providing a full range of commercial and home activities and fitness The active fitness leading enterprise of massage products.

7 , good family treadmill


Shenzhen Good Family Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1994 , has a number of self-operated brands, with the research and development, creation, manufacturing, distribution and other strengths of sports fitness products and sporting goods, focusing on independent intellectual property rights, contemporary logistics, and nature. The operation mode, relying on the market network, is comprehensive in the Chinese fitness products market.


8 , love Kang treadmill


Headquartered in Utah, USA, Ikang Fitness is a company engaged in the production and sale of activities and fitness products. It is the global fitness product industry guide brand, one of the world's largest home and business fitness goods companies, specializing in activities and fitness items. Produced and sold companies, the products continue to lead the international fitness products.

9 , Orient treadmill


Shanxi Orient Health Equipment Company, top ten brands of fitness products, top ten brands of treadmills, top ten brands of exercise bikes, trusted products of domestic users, one of the largest fitness product development and production enterprises in China, vice chairman of China Culture and Sports Association, China Vice Chairman of the Sports Goods Solidarity Association, a large enterprise group.


10 , speed treadmill


The company is the first brand in the US specialty store. It was established in California in 1994. It is a company specializing in high-end home and good commercial aerobic fitness products. SOLE is famous in the fitness products industry for its high quality, high cost performance and excellent after-sales service, and has become the leading brand in the industry.

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