What is the reason why Elisa has not been colored for many times?

Recently, Guiyang Medical College and Shanghai Hengyuan Biological Co., Ltd. successfully cooperated for the first time. The university teacher Hu contacted the manager online. After the communication, Mr. Hu specified the purchase of the R&D brand Elisa kit and prepared to send the samples for us to test. Teacher Hu said: "My previous experiments were not very good. What is the reason why I have not indirectly discovered Elisa?"

To this end, Shanghai Hengyuan biotechnology technicians made the following reasons:

1. The original of the package: including your package liquid has no problem, there is no mismatch. The package is usually added with 100 microliters, 37 degrees for 2 hours.

2. Closed: Is the sealing liquid suitable? You said that it has not developed color several times, and the blank hole is not obvious? If there is no color in the blank, there is no problem in closing. Generally, the closure is 200 microliters per well, and it can also be closed with full pores.

3. Primary antibody: Check if your primary antibody has failed. Whether it is a reaction at 37 degrees.

4. Secondary antibody: substrate, substrate buffer... these should be checked!

5. Washing: Wash with PBST, wash plate 3 times with coating and blocking; wash 5 times with primary anti-secondary antibody, 3 minutes apart.

Manual and machine washing is no different, it is more labor-saving. Washing 5 times will not have a negative effect. In the primary and secondary anti-washing process, it is necessary to wash several times, which helps to reduce non-specific adsorption.

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