What are the circuit breaker brands? Top ten brands of circuit breakers

A circuit breaker is a switching device that can close, carry and break current under normal circuit conditions and can close and carry current under the abnormal loop conditions within a specified time. So what are the breaker brands ? What are the top ten brands of circuit breakers? If you want to buy a circuit breaker, follow the decoration home decoration network to understand it.

Top ten brands of circuit breakers:


Circuit breaker brand 1, Schneider circuit breaker (Schneider Electric Co. , Ltd. , founded in 1920 in France, the world's top 500 companies , global energy efficiency management experts, circuit breaker top ten brands, the world's leading brand of power distribution equipment, a famous manufacturer in the electrical field )

Circuit breaker brand 2, Siemens circuit breaker ( Siemens Co. , Ltd. , founded in 1847 in Germany, the world's largest electromechanical / electrical engineering and electronics company, circuit breaker top ten brands, Fortune 500 companies , internationally renowned trademarks )

3 brand breaker, breaker Panasonic (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., began in 1918 in Japan, the world's largest electronics manufacturers, consumer electronics world-famous brand, the world's leading integrated electronics conglomerate, circuit breakers top ten brands)

Circuit breaker brand 4, Delixi circuit breaker ( China Delixi Holding Group Co. , Ltd. , founded in 1984, Sino-French joint venture, comprehensive solution provider in low-voltage power distribution and industrial automation, top ten brands of circuit breakers )

Circuit breaker brand 5, Legrand circuit breaker ( Rogrange Management Co., Ltd., founded in 1860 in France, the world's pioneer in the electrical industry, the world's leading provider of electrical and intelligent system solutions , the top ten brands of circuit breakers )


Circuit breaker brand 6, ABB circuit breaker ( ABB Ltd. , ASEA and BBC Brown Bover merge to provide solutions for industrial and power industry customers, global power and automation technology leader, global 500 companies , open circuit Top ten brands )

7 breaker brand, Chint breaker (Zhejiang Chint Electric Co., the domestic low-voltage electrical industry influence brand, low-voltage electrical / electrical instrumentation / electrical lighting for the main business of large groups, breaker top ten brands)

Circuit breaker brand 8, Tianzheng circuit breaker ( Zhejiang Tianzheng Electric Co., Ltd., a leader in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry, a large-scale industrial electrical appliance manufacturer, high-tech enterprise , top ten brands of circuit breakers )

Circuit breaker brand 9, People's Circuit Breaker ( People's Electric Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, high-tech enterprise, large-scale diversified enterprise group with industrial electrical appliances as the core industry , top ten brands of circuit breakers )

Circuit breaker brand 10, Changshu circuit breaker ( Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1974, a well-known domestic electrical manufacturing company, a model of innovative development of electrical equipment represented by circuit breakers, the top ten brands of circuit breakers )

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