Welding thermal process and metallurgical process

Using electron microscopy techniques, the microstructure of granular bainite in the heat-affected zone of type 1 microalloyed strong steel was simulated. The results showed a long strip shape on the metallographic cross-section. On the metallographic cross-section, the spatial shape of the 4 elements with irregular polygons is approximately equiaxed, and the interface between the 4 elements and ferrite can be progressively divided into martensite ferrite boundaries and Residual austenite ferrite boundary. In the granular bainite clusters with block-shaped four elements, there are high-angle grain boundaries between bainite and ferrite, and the relationship between these phenomena and cleavage fracture and toughness is analyzed and discussed.

20004055 Based on dynamic energy balance mode of arc welding penetration control influence factor analysis Li Liangyu Journal of Welding. 1999, 20 Supplement. 146152 Based on the analysis of the current status of penetration control, from the basic question of penetration control, through the analysis of the amount and output of the melt pool, it is proposed to control the balance of the dynamic heat input and heat output of the melt pool to ensure the balance The idea of ​​penetration forming stability, while introducing concepts such as thermal resistance and heat capacity, using a research method similar to the electrical model, discussed in detail the thermal physical properties of the weldment, the geometric dimensions and the temperature state of the weldment to the heat output and melting of the molten pool With the influence of penetration forming, this kind of kinetic heat balance thought is used to better explain some of the phenomena that occur during the welding process, and a certain theoretical basis is established for the new penetration control method. 31 ginseng 3 effect. The test results show that compound control based on the idea of ​​molten pool dynamic energy balance is a better control method for compensating for changes in penetration caused by changes in heat dissipation conditions. Weldability of 6 parameters and 3 metals The current concept of weldability includes only those metals or metal combinations that can form welded joints that meet the specified requirements, ignoring the existence of poor weldability metals. In addition, a lot of language is used in the definition of weldability, and the relationship between weldability and welding process cannot be clearly defined. Therefore, the following concepts are proposed: weldability of weldable metals, welding process selection conditions, and the possibility of obtaining quality welded joints . The following four sets of definitions for the weldability of the following materials are proposed: good weldability, qualified weldability, difficult weldability, and poor weldability.

20004058 The method for determining the composition of the material is 5 in the Netherlands.

Describes the method used in the laboratory; 161318 specific material composition determination method wet chemical analysis, light emission spectrum measurement, material component evaporation and combustion method, ray fluorescence method. Based on the results of these determinations, the strength weldability and corrosion resistance of the alloy were evaluated. The relevant standards for determining the composition of these materials are listed. The advantages and application scope of the above methods are pointed out. 1 20004059 Cold-rolled thin steel spot welding joint metallographic structure Sun Xiufang 20004056 based on dynamic energy balance mode arc welding penetration composite control Li Liangyu, Journal of Mechanical Engineering. 2000, 362.69 72 Starting from the essence of penetration control, it is proposed to control the balance of dynamic heat input change and heat output change of the molten pool to ensure a stable forming amount of penetration, perform feedforward compensation, and feedback the overall temperature of the weldment. The composite control method using feedforward and feedback achieves good penetration control 8 300 elbow spot welded joints metallographic structure Sun Xiufang 1013 spot welded joints metallographic structure Guo Lili 20004062 precious metal composites and welding materials

Euro Fence

Euro Fence is a type of Welded Wire Mesh with straight vertical Wires and wave-shaped horizontal wires. The horizontal wires are provided with shrinkage, always in the middle of the mesh, this promotes resistance of the wire and better water drainage.It is extremely resistant to sunlight and weather conditions.

Benefits & Uses

Ÿ Attractive - non-intrusive to landscape, used as yard and garden fence

Ÿ Weather proof - rust and corrosion resistant, usded as swimming pool fence

Ÿ Toughest, longest lasting wire mesh available, used as barriers and cages for animals

Ÿ Easy to install, is very ideal for attractive home and garden fence

Welded Wire Mesh

weld mesh

Euro Fence,Decorative Welded Wire Mesh,Garden Green Welded Wire Mesh,Holland Green Coated Wire Mesh

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