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Qin's appearance is very similar to stainless steel, silver-grey. Chin is a new type of metal that has been put into industrial production and application later. Its specific gravity is equivalent to that of steel, but its strength is similar to that of steel. Excellent high temperature and low temperature performance, Qin excellent corrosion resistance, in oxidizing or neutral media, its corrosion resistance exceeds stainless steel, its corrosion resistance can be compared with platinum. In addition, Chin is stable to human biological tissue fluid and has good compatibility with human cells. In short, Chin has a strong vitality in the development of modern technology and is known as the third metal after steel and aluminum.

The price of Chin is relatively expensive. This is not because it is scarce. On the contrary, its reserves account for about the weight of the earth ’s crust, which is twice that of copper. Times. The reason for being precious is that the smelting method is relatively complicated. Chin is a highly active metal with a high melting point, and the impurity content has a significant influence on its deformability. Normal steel or non-ferrous metal smelting methods can not be used to make Qin ingot billets, but can only use vacuum consumable arc melting method to produce Qin and Qin alloy ingot billets.

China ’s Chin resources are extremely rich and have excellent material conditions for the development of Chin industry. China's Chin industry was developed in the late 1900s, and a relatively complete industrial system has been formed. Qin and Qin alloy products have complete specifications and stable quality. With the completion of the technical transformation of the Qincai industrial production line, the principle of the anodic oxidation coloring of the Qincai price and the Qin plating layer is to control the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the Qin through the control of the anodizing process. Present different colors. The oxidized film produced by anodizing has the ability to reflect, refract and absorb light. It is also like soap foam and oil film on the water. Under bright light, it will show beautiful colors. When the light beam hits the surface layer, part of the light is reflected on the surface of the oxide film, and the other part of the light is refracted and absorbed by the oxide film, and then reflects at the interface between the oxide film and the Qin substrate, and returns to the air.

The two beams have a certain phase difference and interfere. Whether the light beam is strengthened or weakened depends on the nature, thickness, reflection angle and wavelength of the film. If the thickness of the transparent film is different, then at any given viewing angle, different positions will show different colors. Industrial Pure Chin can perform limited cold working, and can maintain short-term hot working in the air when the temperature is maintained at one ℃. At ℃, Chin becomes plastic by structural transformation, which is easy to form like annealed copper. China's processing technology is mature and can be made into various products.

The Qin and Qin plating weighted coloring process technology can resist the electrolytic treatment of neutral and acidic solution for a long time without the peeling of the film, and the organic dry film can be used to remove the dry film to achieve For the purpose of zoned anodization, Qin Metal has been recognized by the eyewear industry. Qincai glasses frames have become the mainstream product of the eyeglass frames and the direction of industry development. The developed oxidative coloring technology of Qin and Qin plating layer is the most advanced technology of oxidative coloring of the surface of Qin materials at home and abroad. It is the application of oxidative coloring on the surface of Qin glasses frame and surface treatment technology of electrophoretic paint. The advantages are uniform color, anti-corrosion, no leg color, and low cost. Technological method Chincai glasses frames are cleaned, oxidized and colored after degreasing, and electrophoretic surface coloring. After the oxidative coloring and electrophoresis process, the Qin glasses frame has long-term use. Although the electrophoretic paint on the surface of the glasses frame has been peeled off, the basic surface on the Qin glasses frame still shows a watery oxidation color.

Graphics is an important part of packaging design, the main carrier of information on wine packaging boxes, and an important way to attract consumers' attention.

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Wine Gift Box

Wine Gift Box

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