The problem of packaging after printing

First, the process behind the binding process is still based on the manual work of iron wire-based. The inevitable arbitrariness of the manual operation of the complex procedures from the inside leaflet to the hot back book is the main reason that affects the development of the productivity and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The coating equipment introduced in the 1980s was a compound machine. The process principle is gluing-drying-compounding.
In order to adapt to the production operation of the model, the composite adhesive must undergo a solid state change (liquid coating) and a liquid reduction (solid state bonding). It is precisely for the operability of the laminating production that it is necessary to invest a large amount (≥80%) of organic solvent at the time of phase change, and then give high-power heat energy (6-12KW) to volatilize the organic solvent.
This kind of process, which has been spear-contained and shielded, results in a large amount of pollution in the production process that impairs the physical and mental health of the operators and destroys the cleanliness of the surrounding environment; it is extremely prone to sudden fires and makes safe production impossible. After the product is prone to large-scale blistering, filming quality accidents; after the film is prone to the phenomenon of residual organic solvent volatilization caused by the odor migration, so that the internal merchandise odor deterioration of the various problems of the root.
The glazing process includes both a coating and calendering process and a UV coating process. The drying technology of the liquid coating coating to the solid state conversion makes it impossible to dry the interior of the coating when the surface is dry, and the internal drying of the coating further affects the color of the printing ink layer and changes the problem.
Second, equipment defects Manual binding in the spine after brushing adhesive, to the front and back of the album misplaced transfer edge when borrowing the pallet, but also glued off the spine brushing adhesive, changing the original coating formation.
Hot-back setting temperature control when hand-binding, rarely with automatic adjustment function. When the temperature is low, the drying is poor and the book spine is deformed; when the temperature is high, the drying is too fast, the local shrinks abruptly or the coating film surface is emptied or melted.
The defects in the structure of the milling cutter of the glue-binding device can easily cause the milling slot of the inner text sheet to be too shallow, and the glue-binding hot melt adhesive cannot be easily poured.
The reverse coating structure of the film coating device is an independent power drive. The difference with the composite host, resulting in more or less glue error, affecting the stability of adhesion.
In the drying equipment of the film coating equipment, in the same drying tunnel, there are actually three different temperature regions and three concentration regions opposite to the effective evaporation of the organic solvent, resulting in waste of resources and failing to achieve the desired adhesion effect.
Film coating equipment and plastic film feeding mechanism designed together, so that the concentration of volatile organic solvent in a large area, just in the film discharge electrostatic field. The static sparks and the highest concentration of extremely flammable and explosive volatilization gases are the root cause of the sudden fire caused by the wet glue compounding process.
The heat-resistance of the thermocompression-bonding mechanism of the film-covering equipment is generally unreliable due to the fact that the diameter of the heating roll is too small, the wall of the tube is thin, the thickness of the tube wall is uneven, and the thermal conductivity of the single-cavity air medium is structurally designed and produced.
The coating thickness of glazing equipment lacks a reliable regulating device and cannot meet the requirements for film coating of glazing coatings. The drying equipment for coating equipment lacks a deep dry structure, so that the drying only shows the degree of surface layer. Hot stamping anodized aluminum equipment is just a hot press main structure of layout replacement. There is no pretreatment device for processing the substrate surface. Therefore, when processing a new type of substrate, quality cannot be guaranteed only by hot pressing.
Third, the material is old hand-binding adhesive is all hydration type, concentration control is not standard. Not only cause instability of the adhesion, shrinkage after drying, but also makes the wire nail easy to rust.
The main component of adhesive hot melt adhesives is still EVA. Paraffin wax regulates its fluidity, tackifying resins reflect its viscosity, and talcum powder increases its hardness. The ingredients in the constituents are contradictory combinations. The infusion of the book block depends on the fluidity at a high temperature, and the guarantee of the fluidity is just the inducing factor for accelerating the aging of the hot melt adhesive, reducing the adhesive force, and the obvious deterioration of the low temperature brittleness.
Solvent-based solvent-based adhesives are customary materials. The fierce competition in the processing of low-cost coated films has tended to use solvent-based adhesives that appear to be low in price and high in actual cost, and forced adhesive producers to use alternative combinations to ensure their survival at low prices. Ingredients materials. This in turn increases the pollution of the production process and the subsequent problem of product quality.
The composition of adhesive-bonded hot-melt adhesives, film-covered adhesives, and glazing coatings is basically based on foreign special early publication materials and uses materials that have been eliminated in advanced foreign countries.
Fourth, the composition of the post-imprint basic team is the post-press and post-screening membership. Compared with prepress and printing production processes, the cultural level is relatively low and the age structure is too large. Assault production and processing, and many rural idle labor temporarily supplemented to the manual operation of the production line. Postpress workers rarely receive systematic training, and most lack basic knowledge of printing. Basically, post-printing is in a physically redundant state of labor.
The production personnel of some technical posts, who have mastered the mechanical equipment, lack the common sense of machinery and the necessary maintenance, maintenance, and adjustment of basic skills, and cannot exert the normal efficiency of the machinery.
Many producers do not understand the characteristics of the substrate. Do not understand the different changes in the substrate caused by the influence of the climate, do not see the micro-degradation of the substrate, can not be the objective conditions of this change, inject their own operation intentions, corresponding adjustment of the production conditions, so that the processing effect Achieve the best.

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