Teach you 8 strokes to resolve the restaurant's position to eat feng shui good financial position

In the restaurant, the dining table occupies an extremely important core position, and the feng shui of the dining table also affects the fortune of the whole family and the feelings between husband and wife. From the point of view of feng shui, there are also many taboos that need attention in the dining table. If you are not careful, it may lead to bankruptcy or affect your health. Therefore, be careful.

As far as the feng shui angle is concerned, the restaurant has the same layout as other rooms, and there must be no corners or protruding corners. The rectangular or square pattern is the best and the easiest to decorate.

Point1: [Restaurant can not be washed by the toilet door]

8 煞 煞 煞 restaurant 吃 place to eat feng shui good financial position

The restaurant is a place for eating. It is very hygienic, so it should not be directed by the toilet door. From the perspective of home feng shui, the toilet door is filled with yin, so the two cannot be opposite, otherwise the owner's stomach is prone to problems. Assuming that the place is too small and inevitable, you can hang a set of six emperors or a small compass to solve the problem in the door of the toilet (the horizontal frame on the door).

Point2: [Table should not use square corners]

8 煞 煞 煞 restaurant 吃 place to eat feng shui good financial position

There is a suffocation in the corner of the dining table, because the feng shui is sharp at the sharp angle, so even if you use a square or rectangular table, if the table angle is 90 degrees at right angles, it will be slightly rounded, so it will not make a corner punch, so that it will not Damage to family health. If you want to reduce the mistake, use a round or oval table is the best way.

Point3:【Damenchong Restaurant】

8 煞 煞 煞 restaurant 吃 place to eat feng shui good financial position

     The door should not be rushed to the restaurant door should not be rushed to the restaurant door should not be rushed

The door should not be rushed to the restaurant. I believe everyone knows it. However, because the place is too small, what should the door do?

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