Summer skin care cream nine misunderstandings

The arrival of summer, many MMs are worried about how to do a good job of sun protection? If you don't want to be tanned in hot weather, how do you do the protection? The following small series lists a few wrong practices for sun protection!

Summer skin care, nine misunderstandings of cream

â–  False 1. Is the barrier cream resistant to computer radiation?

When facing the computer for a long time, the electron radiation will cause damage to the skin cells, making the free radicals more active; the fresh oxygen content in the closed environment is much lower than the outdoor, causing the skin to be deprived of oxygen. The current cream has not been specifically designed to combat computer radiation. Therefore, the moisturizing work of the skin is more important.

â–  Error 2, only use the cream without sunscreen

Although both have the effect of sunscreen, and they are also used after the daily skin care products are used, it is worth mentioning that the effect of sunscreen is professional sunscreen; and the cream can not only protect the skin from cosmetics. Invades and isolates dust, and also adjusts skin color and has certain sun protection effects.

â–  Error 3, the first emulsion or the first isolation, the order of use is very chaotic

First determine what kind of lotion you are using. If it is a day cream, you can completely jump off the cream and apply it directly to the liquid foundation. Unless you want to modify your yellowish complexion, you can choose to have a modified complexion. The effect of the cream; if your lotion is just a bottle of ordinary moisturizing lotion, take a closer look at the instructions.

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