Storage regulations for ELISA kits

There are two exceptions to the manufacturer's instructions for all ELISA kit storage regulations:

One: The test is conducted in strict accordance with the sample format specified by InBios' JE test suite, which should be in duplicate, and all samples in this evaluation were tested and subsequent tests after selection;

Two: A similar method proposed by Jacobson ’s colleagues was evaluated. For evaluation, the flavivirus positive specimens were characterized as JE negative. Qualitative parameters are also very delicate, such as time and the number of samples that can be tested, and ease of use. In addition, the kit protocol recommends that the sample should not be heat-inactivated, but it can be heated in the CDC protocol sample for 30 minutes at 56 ° C, reaching the level before the detection of inactivated uncertain virus serum. In this way, the ELISA kit is calculated and classified according to the manufacturer's instructions. PANBIO recommends thermal inactivation of all samples before testing, so to determine whether it will affect the thermal inactivation of the thermally inactivated PANBIO kit, the panel samples (32 JEV positive serum and 13 JEV positive cerebrospinal fluid specimens) The result is matched with the kit for the uniform time period. The ELISA kit is to dilute the sample, according to the instructions in the buffer provided in the kit: CSF and serum are diluted 1:10 and 1: 100 respectively.

Three: The method for optimally associating the test strip calibration codes with the calibration parameters used in such a diagnostic kit includes first optimally distributing a plurality of test strip calibration codes and the geometric regions they represent in a multi-dimensional calibration parameter space. The execution of the distribution optimally reduces the quantization error of assigning one of the test strip calibration codes to the test strip of the diagnostic kit. ELISA kit The method also includes storing distributed test strip calibration codes in the memory of the diagnostic kit.

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