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Did ALICE know how to choose the correct flashlight? To select the flashlight according to the purpose, the following briefly describes the choice of flashlights for several purposes:
1, walking does not need too high brightness, due to a long time, you can try to choose some light flashlight, while having a longer battery life. Under normal circumstances, flashlights need to balance moderate light gathering and floodlighting. However, the leader still needs a higher brightness flashlight and has a certain range, which is more convenient when exploring the terrain.
2, camping flood light must be better, low demand for brightness, but need to choose a long time battery life, it is best to continuous lighting throughout the night, this flashlight has advantages in terms of convenience and cost.
Greenfield recommends a flashlight flashlight that sells for $218 on

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Field with stainless steel attack head light orange flashlight Product parameters:
Product Name: Field with M3 flashlight with waist brand: Yezl / field with the serial number: m3-R5-3-c-1
Light bulb: LED
Maximum Brightness (Maximum Luminous Flux): 350 Lumens and above Maximum Range: 100-200 meters Outside Material: Aluminum Alloy Weight: 310g
Battery: 18650
Continuous lighting time: 3 hours Lamp life: 100,000 hours Is it waterproof? Yes Yes Rechargeable: Rechargeable battery Charging time: 5 hours Origin: China Market price: 255
Color classification: two electric one charge one electric one charge single flashlight applicable environment: camping outdoor project: walking camping length: 157mm

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