Sputum suction model

Sputum suction model

The model is made of stainless steel mold, which is casted with imported plastic materials at high temperature. It has the characteristics of soft materials, realistic hand feeling, and real operation in the application of nursing teaching.

Main features:
â–  Practice of inserting suction tube through nose and mouth.
â–  The suction tube and YanKen tube can be inserted into the nasal cavity and oral cavity, which can simulate sputum suction.
â–  The suction tube can be inserted into the trachea to practice suction in the trachea.
â–  The side of the face is open to show where the catheter is inserted.
â–  Display the anatomical structure of the nasal cavity and neck structure.
â–  Simulated sputum can be placed in the mouth, nasal cavity and trachea to enhance the real effect of practicing intubation skills.

Other accessories configuration: various catheters, simulated sputum, disposable waterproof cloth, diaper sheet, luxury portable aluminum-plastic box

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