Special SIC heating element HR-8 type microcomputer ash melting point tester

HR-8 type microcomputer ash melting point measuring instrument performance characteristics:

â–  Five national standard samples can be tested at the same time, and all characteristic temperatures can be automatically judged.
â– Unique vertical structure, using a rotary image acquisition device to send the sample to the standard position and ensure that the gray cone is not biased.
â– Professional industrial surveillance camera adopts CCD color camera technology to automatically complete the whole process of tracking and present high-definition experimental images. The unique universal adjustment device makes it easy and quick to adjust the camera position.
â–  Using a new image processing algorithm, the feature temperature is fully intelligently identified, and the result is more accurate.
â– Special SIC heating elements and temperature-resistant, heat-insulating furnace materials for long-term stable operation.
â– Equipped with unique and high-performance gas detection and sensing device to detect gas leakage. When the preset value is exceeded, it will automatically alarm and automatically control the gas path to detect the experimental environment in real time to ensure the safety and reliability of the test process.
â–  New energy-saving structural design to achieve maximum temperature with minimum power.
â–  China's first ash fusion testing product that has passed CE certification has been exported to the European Union, which can perfectly replace expensive imported products with similar cost performance.
â–  Adapt to GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN and other multi-national standards.

● HR-8 type microcomputer ash melting point tester technical parameters:
â– Number of samples: 1-5
■ Temperature control range: 1600 °C at room temperature
■ Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ° C
â–  Heating rate: meeting the national standard requirements
■ Resolution: 0.4 ° C
â–  Precision: in line with GB/T219-2008
■Accuracy: DT≤40°C, ST, HT, FT ≤30°C
â– Experimental atmosphere: oxidizing property, weak reducing property (carbon sealing method, ventilation method)
■Power supply voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
â–  Power: 2.6KW

■Dimensions: (mm) 480 × 470 × 740

HR-8 type microcomputer ash melting point tester

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