Small size large-capacity drawers recommended small family family essentials (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] As a girl, if you want to use the commonly used jewelry, cosmetics, underwear, footwear, inner pants, warm clothing and other different features of the items clearly placed, easy to take, but also suffer from the wardrobe design There is not enough space, and the drawer can solve your troubles. Small cabinets can also bring a lot of changes to the home. The smaller the space, the need for cabinets and shelves to help expand the storage space.

[Multiple use of fun and multi-purpose maximization]

Bucket design

Light wood grain bedside table picture

The use of a multi-purpose material has become a popular word in the design of home products. The light-colored wooden bedside table can be used as a storage space, as well as a small coffee table in the bedroom or a small table for decoration. The storage space in the middle is actually a front-opening structure with the design of the upper part, which is easy to use.

Bedroom storage cabinet

Solid wood swing door shoe picture

The design of the shoe cabinet can also be integrated into the storage, external release and decoration. The upper part of the cabinet can be used to place some small items in the home as the basic decoration of the entrance. At the same time, the large-capacity cabinet is used to store the shoes worn everyday. The exposed design of the lower part allows the shoes and home slippers that are usually worn out to be concentrated, and can be easily replaced without opening the door.

Cylinder Car Tissue

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