Small apartment to install a large space to teach you 3 strokes family expansion

[ China Wardrobe ] The small-sized rooms are favored by young people. It is a happy thing to have a small family of their own, but small-sized apartments also have the troubles of small-sized houses. With the accumulation of daily necessities and sundries, how to Can make a small space to put more things? Rhein Iger has a coup, today use examples to show the small space to transform, let your small apartment to install a large space.

Small apartment decoration

PART1: small apartment entrance storage expansion

Storage TIPS: For the narrow entrance position of the entry point, the overall white console cabinet is used for storage. The white porch cabinet is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has a full-faced shoe cabinet and a storage display cabinet. The porch table top can also be placed with objects, and the storage function is powerful.

Wardrobe design

Storage TIPS: A door is a large porch mirror, which can't be seen from the outside, but it actually hides the mystery. Opening the entrance mirror is a wide storage space, which not only adds storage function to the porch, but also makes the porch play a role in regional division, which is both beautiful and practical.

Wardrobe storage

Storage TIPS: entry porch, you can also consider this type of combination console cabinet, occupying a small area, but the function is very practical, not only can store items, but also can easily be used for daily use of clothing, bags, keys, etc. The jewelry is placed in the upper storage rack.

Small apartment decoration

Storage TIPS: The entrance has a shoe cabinet and locker full of walls, and a piece of space in the middle of the cabinet can not only display jewelry, but also add a sense of space.

Wardrobe design

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