Screen printing 1000 questions (351-364)

351. What is color pulling? What is white pull?
Answer: The use of a fabric printing process that uses both an agent that destroys the background color and a printing ink that can be colored on the fabric is called color extraction. The pattern that is printed by color printing is colored. If it is used without dye, it is only destroyed. The printing of the ink composed of the base color discharge agent is called whitening, and the printing pattern is white.

352. How to choose dye printing and dye discharge agent?
Answer: According to different dyeing fabrics, different dyes and discharge agents should be used. Artificial rayon fabrics usually use hanging white pieces, scientific name is sodium hydroxysulfite, molecular formula is HOCH2SO2-Na 2H2O; silk fabric is usually selected stannous chloride SnCl; polyester fabric is selected "Decolin" as discharge agent.
Due to the difference in the discharge agent used, the dyes used need to be screened, such as the commonly used acid red G, this dye is not resistant to stannous chloride, will produce achromatic effect. Because the purple forest brilliant blue 6B resistant to stannous chloride does not produce achromatic effect, can be added in the suspension of white tin chloride Zilin brilliant blue 6B, after printing

Get a red-blue printed fabric.

353. What is a water discharge dye ink?
A: Discharge inks containing water-based activators are called water discharge inks. Water-based discharge printing ink can make the original dye in the printing area on the printing product disappear in printing, and replace it with the dye in the ink to obtain the desired color printing pattern, which can be used for clothing printing such as dark T-shirts.

354. What is anti-ink printing?
A: In fabric printing, fabrics are first printed with dye-resistant dye-resistant printing paste, and the entire dyeing process is called anti-inking printing.

355. What is infiltration printing?
A: Penetrated printed textiles have features that are not easily distinguishable between front and back. Such as scarves, curtains and so on. To achieve this effect, the fabric specifications, degumming, pastes and dyes should be considered. Generally speaking, the texture of the fabric is light and thin, and it is easy to degumming. The paste used has a small molecular weight and a low viscosity. Dyes should be selected for good permeability of acid dyes, and appropriate penetrants should be added to the colorants.

356. What is etched printing?
Answer: The stencil printing requires that the substrate must be a fabric made of two different fiber blends or core yarns. In the stencil printing process, slush is first printed on the fabric to corrode the rayon, leaving part of the synthetic fiber, and carbonizing. After that, the hydrolyzed fiber is washed off to make the pattern translucent. It looks beautiful.

357. What is the role of blue calico resist?
Answer: In the indigo dyeing, the anti-dye (lime, soybean flour and water) is squeezed onto the cotton fabric through the carved plate to prevent the indigo dye from penetrating into the cotton fiber. The anti-dyeing agent utilizes the moisture absorption and fluff adhesion of the cotton fiber, adheres to the cotton fabric, and becomes a solid after drying. In the production of blue calico, the anti-dyeing agent is an important guarantee for clear patterns, clear blue and white, and good printing and dyeing effects. In use, since the resist itself is alkaline, it must be neutralized with a dilute solution of a dilute acid solution such as glacial acetic acid to promote loosening of the paint; the resist also has the effect of a mordant-differentiating agent to render the dye without a coating. Adhesion is strong, where paint removes dye.

358. What is thermal transfer printing?
A: Before printing, the pattern is printed on paper with color paste to make a transfer printing paper; the method of transferring the flower dye on paper to the substrate by hot pressing or sublimation is called thermal transfer printing.

359. There are several ways of fabric printing?
A: According to the different equipment used, fabric printing can be divided into five types, namely template printing, type printing, spray printing, screen printing and copper roller printing.

360. What is a stencil printing?
A: The stencil printing is the most original method of printing, that is, a pattern is carved on a wooden mold (or a steel mold) and then printed on the fabric like a stamp.

361. What type of printing?
A: Pattern printing is also called hollow plate printing. It is a hollow pattern carved on cardboard, metal plate or plastic plate. It covers the fabric and can be printed (printed) with ink (color paste) to obtain patterns.

362. What is spray printing?
Answer: The printing method that uses a sprayer to spray a fabric printing ink onto a fabric through a screen or a pattern is called spray printing and is generally used only for copying artworks.

363. What is the screen (screen) printing?
A: Screen printing uses screen printing methods to print various patterns on fabrics. Screen (screen) printing sub-screen frame (that is, flat screen printing) and screen roller (that is, round screen printing) two.

364. How to classify fabric fibers?
A: The fabric fibers are divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers. Natural fibers include plant fibers and animal fibers, and chemical fibers are classified into man-made fibers and synthetic fibers.

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