Screen pin in prepress solution in packaging printing industry

China's accession to the WTO not only brings unlimited business opportunities to the Chinese packaging and printing industry, but also makes the Chinese packaging and printing industry face enormous challenges. Opportunity:

- Global economic integration, import and export increase, and the printing market continues to expand;
- Raw material tariffs may be reduced, which will help reduce costs;
- Joining WTO to promote rural urbanization and expand market demand;
- The acceleration of technological progress will help increase efficiency and quality and further increase competitiveness.
The challenge is:
-- Domestic manufacturers face competition from foreign products, not only to improve product quality, but also to improve the quality of packaging.
——The equipment is backward and the technology is backward. A few companies have digital production processes.
——Insufficient funds for technological transformation.
-- Foreign-funded printing companies enter the Chinese packaging and printing industry.
Obviously, printing companies can only seize business opportunities if they continue to expand their business scope, actively innovate, introduce new technologies, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and establish an advanced corporate image.

For the packaging and printing industry, Screens has demonstrated a complete professional digital publishing solution for the packaging and printing market in the form of a combination of the CTP system and Barco's Pack edge independent packaging production software.

First introduced the CTP system: CTP is not just a plate output machine, CTP is a system that contains a number of necessary components.

1 Ture flow workflow

A complete and efficient workflow is extremely important in a CTP system. Huizhi is the world’s first PDF workflow management system to be used on web browsers. It integrates the latest Adobe PDF interpreter core technologies and screen-based prepress workflow technology to meet digital network products. The requirements of the times are the best response for the growing market demand for high-speed, high-efficiency and low-cost products.

It supports computer direct output film (CTF), computer-to-plate (CTP), digital proofing, and distribution of PDF files for remote printing. The system can maintain large-capacity operation of high-speed output devices and allow the system to achieve maximum output.

Accept and export major print standard file formats such as PDF 1.3, Postscript3, TIFF (1bit, Grayscale, RGB, CMYK) and EPS. It accepts RIP`ed PS, RIP`ed PDF, RIP`ed EPS, PJTF, and Copydot files.

Job tickets, layouts, and hot folders enable the data flow to be multi-purpose and intuitively automated. As long as the work ticket and hot folder are set, it can effectively manage a large number of processing tasks. Using the imposition work ticket (a set of instructions and specifications) can have functions such as automatic file preflighting, trapping, and imposition.

Each page is independent of RIP, and no large-capacity PS files are generated before RIP. If an error is found, only the error page needs to be modified, and the entire page need not be recalculated. For the continuous drying operation, only one standard image of RIP is required. The file is only processed once by RIP. After this, the output settings can be changed. The file can be set on other devices without having to be RIPed again. Once created, the same raster data can be used repeatedly, and even one of them can be flexibly changed. Page, at this time, the output size, resolution, and output device can all be changed. The file is small and easy to handle, saving time and greatly improving efficiency.

"Wisdom" can export CIP3 standard PPF files. Connect prepress, print, and postpress to increase efficiency, consistency, and reduce press idleness. The use of CIP3-compatible print controllers for ink control via PPF files based on prepress data can greatly improve the operating efficiency by reducing the time for printing toning.

2 Pack edge independent packaging production software

Pack edge software is installed under the most common Windows operating system, allowing any operator to quickly become familiar with and use the Pack edge software. Pack edge has:
- Unique Adobe certified Postscript3 and PDF input (Barco Certin).
- Unique Intellicurve digital dot compensation technology.
Can ensure to avoid problems in printing. Automatic exposure correction. Editing of the dot compensation curve can be performed on the desktop. For any printing process, any image device is used without any duplicate errors.
- The Barco Outright module displays high-precision color proofing.
Pack edge has the ability to preview transparent and embossing effects, can correctly display any combination of spot ink and four-color ink on the screen? Outright can generate one with any standard Postscript RIP and exposure on film or media Digital proofing results with the same effect.
- Rapid trapping software and easy-to-use special ink processing software in the industry.
- Professional packaging printing software.
- Simple Smart marks can automatically mark the print registration mark on your work.

3 Revolutionary network technology - "Split" screening

The screen combines the advantages of AM screening and FM screening to create a new hybrid screening method, "Asprit", in the history of printing technology. Under the conventional production conditions of 2400dpi-175lpi, the printing quality can be pushed to a higher level by simply using the "Split" screen.
- Achieve the equivalent of ultra-fine screen quality over 300 network cables.
Moreover, the lines it produces are not jagged or broken. Suitable for printing a variety of printed materials, especially high-precision products, anti-counterfeit packaging, maps, images with thin lines and bumps.
- Because there is no problem with the angle of the screen, it will not cause a collision.
- Applicable to the existing standard printing conditions and operating levels.

4 plate output machine - for CTP process (computer - output plate - printing)
The screen "霹雳Publishing God 8600" has:

▲ The automatic balance of the roller auto-balance system ensures that manual adjustments are not required when different plates are exposed. You only need to enter or select the type of plate you need to use, and “Yes Publishing God” 8600 will automatically make the necessary adjustments to establish a perfect external drum balance for each plate size you use.

â–² The online automatic punching system developed on the online automatic punching system screen can help achieve accurate registration on the press. The secret is to use two sets of holes at the same time, which are the registration on the printing press and the registration on the direct plate making machine. Immediately after the plate has been mounted on the roller, it will be punched. Compared with manual punching or offline punching, the accuracy of registration is significantly higher than that of manual punching or offline punching, thereby avoiding errors caused by human factors and further shortening the preparation time before starting up.

â–² If you purchase the AT-T8001 plate post-processing bridge, the exposed plate can be automatically transferred to the post-processing equipment. In addition, in order to further achieve higher automation and more efficient production, we can also be equipped with the SA-L8600 single-sheet cassette automatic plate-mounting device or the MA-L8600 multi-platen cassette automatic plate-mounting device for the "Silicon Publishing God" 8600.
▲ Hardware output speed fast screen “霹雳Publishing God 8600” output speed: 20 printing plates/hour, 2400dpi, 1030mm×800mm (including upper and lower version time).
â–² Patent "Independent Group Laser Technology"
Even if individual laser heads are damaged, they can continue to be produced. Each laser beam can be replaced individually. The laser cost is low and the replacement time is short.

5 Imagesetter - CTF process (computer - film output - printing - printing)

The "Knife God 6120" Knife 6120 is a high-end, external drum facing photo-taking device. The roller is the key component. The rollers used in the past were made of some metal materials, which were very heavy and affected the rotation and suction of the rollers. The knife god 6120 roller is made of carbon fiber.

The maximum size of the material it handles is 838mm x 1145mm, and supports six different resolutions from 1200dpi to 4000dpi. It can handle 6 different sizes of positive and negative film, can also handle RC photo paper and polyester CTP plate.

Two film cassettes can be respectively loaded with the same or different widths of the film, and during actual work, the photo opportunities automatically select which cassette to use based on the size of the page, without artificial setting.

Knives 6120 advanced drum design can get extremely high output accuracy. This design can make the distance between the high-brightness diode recording head and the photosensitive material very short. The "Knife God" 6120 Phototypesetter always exposes a fixed, very short distance perpendicular to the light-sensitive material, which ensures the accuracy of the spot shape and position.

The "Knife God" 6120 is extremely accurate, so it can be competent for any difficult output job, such as recording multiple color separations of a page on the same photographic film. This is ensured by the stretching force of the film feeding system, which can minimize the pulling force to avoid deformation of the film.

"Knife God" 6120 laser uses LED light source, the entire laser unit is composed of 120 laser arrays, and 120 lasers are integrated in the area of ​​less than 10mm. Its manufacturing technology is very precise and effectively guarantees the service life of the laser. This technology is currently not used by other manufacturers.

6 scan input

Scanning part of the screen provides two scanners:

SG-8060PII high-end digital input color separation machine. The advanced features of this precision equipment are that in addition to the advanced scanning head, it also inherits various advanced features, including an input size of 600mm x 538mm, a resolution up to 12000dpi, a magnification of 10% to 3000%, etc. . “demoire” eliminates moire software (optional) automatically eliminates moiré produced by scanning certain originals. The SG-8060PII's 14 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) circuits perform all high-quality operations at the high speeds required by the user. For customers seeking high quality and high productivity, the SG-8060PII is the best choice.

"Golden Color" platform scanner

You can scan four-color dot film, and then enter the computer for editing and imposition.
The most important feature of "Golden Color Immortals" is that the scanning speed is surprisingly fast. For example: When the resolution is set to 350dpi and the magnification is set to 4x, it can scan 104 35mm transparencies in one hour. Or the resolution is set to 300 dpi, and the magnification is set to 2.5. It can scan 94 60mm x 70mm transparencies, which also includes the time to convert the image from RGB mode to CMYK mode.

Thanks to the precise interpolation algorithm of "Golden Color Fairy," the highest output resolution can reach 20000 dpi, and the output modes that the user can choose are RGB, CMYK, gray ladders and line drawings. The accuracy of A/D conversion is high, so a rich gradation, clear reproduction of the image can be obtained, and the details in the original are fully preserved.

7 Color Digital Proofing System

Lab Pro of & Lab fit is DDCP (Direct Digital Color Proof) software. Its role is to output color proofs on large-format inkjet printers with 1-bit TIFF data and CMYKTIFF data already processed by RIP. And achieved based on ICC Profile color matching. When the prepress job is output to the imagesetter or the platesetter, these color proofs can accurately predict the effect of the final printed product.

The above is the prepress solution for screen printing industry.

The screen not only can provide a full set of prepress and CTP solutions, but also has an after-sales service team and service system that can support more than 200 large-scale plate-making and equipment sales every year. The screen will bring you and your customers will be: quality improvement, Increased efficiency, cost reduction, business expansion, image building and market opportunities.

Reprinted from: Print World

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