Rocket launches 3D printing to lead innovation

The college students in a college in Xi'an play their professional expertise and create a "rocket". Today, Dr. Dennis of the Erig Rocket Association of the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, traveled from Germany to Xi'an and learned the rocket knowledge from the students.

Kang Boyi, a student at Northwestern Polytechnical University, said: "Our rockets have adopted some new technologies. The tail and the body-connected ring have adopted 3D printing technology . The rocket head cone is also 3D printed , and the rocket body is made of phenolic cloth. The engine is made of water pipes." These small rockets seem simple, but college students say that they integrate aerospace, aerodynamics, electronic information and other aspects of expertise, they have been nervous for several days, today, inspection The time for real kung fu is here.

"Ready, the personnel will be evacuated to 100 meters, countdown, take off and take off." A rocket vacated and went straight into the sky, and after climbing to a certain height, the parachute was opened smoothly, basically the same as the real rocket launch.

Seeing today's success, college students said that they felt that the hard work of many days had vanished. College students: "I am very excited to see the success of the rocket launch. I am more motivated to learn the industry and profession. I hope that I can go further and do better in this profession."

Dennis, an expert at the Erig Rocket Association of the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany: "Chinese students are very similar to German students. Chinese students are very proud and there will be a better future for Sino-German cooperation."

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