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Experience product name: RAX micro outdoor - vicissitudes Model: 31-5L083
RAX brand introduction:
Attach the official address: http://rax.cn/


RAX is a lifestyle brand for outdoor life. The brand inspired the new century's music and livelihood in the RAX mountain area in the Alps from 70 to 80 years and European classic fashion design concept. It is the world's first fashion outdoor brand that advocates light and natural life. RAX products integrate fashion, technology, and lightness into outdoor sports into busy urban life, promote "micro-outdoor" healthy lifestyle, and interpret the concept of "Live Light - live light"! RAX marks lightness, a light outdoor spirit.

Experience people information:
- Name/ID: Raining Road - Age (I can also tell you what age it is): 80 After - Sex: Male - Height: 175
- Weight: 75
Experience location: Shuiquangou - Xiangtun Experience time: May 4th Outdoor experience: like climbing from a young age, like outdoor sports, often go out with friends outing, mountaineering, you can escape the city, experience nature, enjoy fresh air. In 2012, he officially became a donkey friend, retired from various outdoor forums, and participated in AA or partner activities. From these activities, not only has it strengthened its own body, but it has also been able to solidify many donkeys and enjoy the nature that has brought us.

Product Information Year of manufacture: 2013 - Product Description: The first layer of leather ultra-clear anti-collision outdoor sand beach sandals - Price: $ 619

Equipment design review:
The shoes received are RAX Micro Outdoors - the first layer of velveteen suede leather with a refreshing anti-collision outdoor sand beach sandals, the color is camel, personally feel a little more beautiful than brown.
Take a look at the official introduction. As shown in the picture, though it is a simple upstream shoe, the clever design shows the intention of RAX.

Since the weather in Beijing was still cold when we got the shoes, we could only let the shoes lie silently in the shoebox until the 51st. After the temperature reached 30 degrees, we dared to go into the water.
The location of the test was Shuiquangou. The terrain was very complicated. Shizi Road, Shatu Road, Water Road, and Rock Road all walked in a circle. The first time I wore this violence test, I was happily tortured. , The following one by one.

This upstream shoe is more inclined to the design of sandals, in addition to the toes are all wrapped in leather, the rest are hollow design, reducing weight at the same time, breathability is no doubt.
After wearing it, the inner lining and the sole are very soft, and there is no feeling of grinding feet. In the past, when wearing a similar shoe, it was the feeling of top toe and ankle, but this pair of RAX vicosa was very comfortable to wear.
The laces are designed with elastics and buckles, so that these lazy people can wear them off quickly. The elasticity of the laces is well-designed and there will be no loose feeling after tightening. The only worry is that after a longer period of time Whether elasticity will gradually weaken.
May be the reason for my feet to be fat, the forefoot feels a bit crowded, but because the shoe body is soft, there will be no feeling of discomfort.
As the official shows, the shoe soles are highly resilient EVA shock absorbers, so they are very light and easy to walk on the ground. However, this time the mountainous road is rugged and walking on the rocks will feel very lame. At the same time, the hollow design will allow small stones and sand to continuously enter the soles of the feet. It will be very difficult to walk for a long time.
In addition, due to the lighter texture of the sole, the grip feels general, especially when the sole is wet.
Seemingly complaining about the shortcomings of some shoes, it is not. It is because this shoe is very comfortable to wear, only let me hope to wear it in any outdoor conditions, after all, this is just an upstream shoe, more strength is still good to give hiking shoes. I also said before, walking on the ground, this shoe is very soft, without the slightest feeling of grinding feet.
Selecting Shuiquangou for natural experience is to launch the water. The stability of the large soles is very strong and ensures that they will not slip after launching. After the water is drained and the empty design is leaned, the water will quickly drain out of the shoes and will not let the feet get soaked in the water.

Overall, this shoe has a strong sense of design both in terms of appearance and function. The rubber sole and cowhide head can fully protect the feet from harm, and the soft lining makes it comfortable to wear. It is suitable for flat and waterways. Travel. Hollow design and soft soles are not suitable for sand and gravel roads, though they guarantee air permeability and comfort. Don't miss this shoe when you don't like summer travel.

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