PVC film free paint door related knowledge

PVC film paint-free door is a comprehensive and relatively strong craft door, but it is also a category of paint-free door. PVC paint-free door but also has some characteristics different from paint-free door, which is determined by their constituent materials. .

1. The pattern of the PVC film paint-free door panel. The depth and width of the panel pattern must have certain rules and cannot be arbitrarily deepened or narrowed, because the PVC film is carried out at a suitable temperature during filming, and the softening of the rubber and the softening of the film are simultaneously performed. After the PVC film is covered, the Glue is solidified in the cooling time, and the PVC film is also solidified. At this time, there is a contradiction. The characteristic of the PVC film is high temperature reduction. At this time, the temperature is still high, if the pattern is If the depth and width do not match, then the tension of the surface of the PVC film when it is cooled is greater than the adhesion of the adhesive, and the problem that the PVC film is not in place will occur.

2, the surface of the panel must be smooth, because the thickness of the PVC film is very thin, that is, you can see a hair on the top, all the feeling of unevenness must use sand cloth sand.

3. Adjust the atomization degree of the spray gun when spraying, so as not to cause uneven spray. The amount of glue applied depends on the quality of the glue and needs to be explored. Spray it twice in the pattern to increase its adsorption. The gun should be cleaned immediately after use.

4. In the process of pressing, it is best to put a layer of pad on each layer.

5, in the later operation should pay attention to protect the PVC film surface, do not scratch, currently this can not be repaired, this is one of the difficulties in the PVC paint-free door in the production process.

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