Prepress Issues Summary (5)

Freehand manuscripts and output points

Seeing that there are suggestions on the output of ai and cd in front, it is a matter of time when it is itchy, and it also finds fh that has not been written so far to solve itching. Please ask a lot of people for advice. There are a lot of deficiencies.
1, on the text: General If you do the original manuscript, it is best to all the text to the curve. In this way, the output will not go wrong, and it will also facilitate the export company. It will be faster if you help out. Otherwise, people would have to install a font to get it out, and the time would be a bit more. Here, there is a question to remind everyone. If the text is within the clipping range, it is impossible to turn the curve without selecting the text alone. This point should be careful Oh ~ ~ General If I want to check whether there is a full turn of the curve will use crtl + alt + e call out that find and replace the face plate, use the Find "Find any font" function to find.
2, on the link: the linked picture, or the old problem, remember to use CMYK mode. Although it is possible to automatically convert the RGB format to the CMYK output when it is taken out, the consequences are... Only heaven knows. And when you copy the disk, remember to check carefully whether all link files are copied.
3. About EPS: In FH, there is a point to note when importing an EPS file, that is, when you rotate the file, the white part of the picture will become transparent (especially the bar code). This should be careful, in fact, is to show the reason, rather than really transparent, if you do not check it, there will be text bar code pressure. When it does, it can only be repeated.
4, on TIF: If the imported file has TIF format, remember to check each file, whether there is a channel is not deleted clean. Because if your channel is not deleted, the output of the film will be more than a few colors (depending on the number of your channel) and, if the output of the TIF file, do not use a compressed format, the output is slow Ah~~~
5, on the gradient: After comparing myself, in all software output, the gradient of the AI ​​output is the most beautiful, followed by the PS, then FH and CD. So if there are gradients in the file, it is best to use PS to do a good job of importing FH. Because if it is a large area of ​​the gradient, FH output is also more prone to error, which depends on the quality of the output company that imagesetter. But if you use PS, then surely no problem.
6, on the imprint: This is to pay attention to whether there is no pressure and no pressure, what should not pressure and pressure. In general, black is automatically set to imprint when the output of the company is output. This means that even if your document has black text or color blocks that are not embossed, the output company will automatically set it at the time of export. FH has a very good function is to show the imprinted place, but there are several times even if the imprint can not see, be particularly careful: First, when the import grayscale file, you can set imprinting , but can't see it on display. Second, when you do gradients in FH, if the gradient is set imprint can not see. Take special care in these two places.
7, on the effect: Generally speaking, in the FH, do not use "Apple + operation + D" (excuse me, forgot what the PC's shortcut key is) any effect of this panel version (this seems to be the first three except I haven't seen it until I have seen it.) More than 70% of organic rates can go wrong. If you must use it, be sure to communicate clearly with the output company.
8, on the registration color: In FH, its color registration function is very powerful. Can be displayed in each color version of the film, so there is a point of attention is to see whether the document in addition to the vertex outside the text or color blocks filled with register color, check the method is ctrl + alt + e face version "Find" the "find color", select the cover color, range "document". Take a closer look and see if there are any other places except the corners that are filled with registration colors.
For the time being, I think that there are many on this side because I have no FH on this machine. I just have the impression to write the above content. So there may be some differences in the Chinese content of the commands. Please forgive me. Insufficient places, I will continue to increase, please also add more. If there is something wrong, please correct me a lot to avoid mistakes. Thank you!

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