Pre-set analysis of the hall, kitchen and bathroom

In the early years, Guangzhou and Shenzhen first designed independent restaurants in their residential buildings. The restaurant not only considers its comfort, but also considers its economy. After years of practice, it is recommended to design around a square meter to meet the meter's round table and eat at the same time. The ideal design size is to open the room.

At the same time the restaurant should be equipped with a wash basin, bar and refrigerator. The kitchen and dining room are inseparable, so the kitchen and dining room are designed to be semi-connected to meet functional needs.

With the development of the economy, the kitchen is undergoing a great revolution. In the past, single-function stoves and kitchen cabinets were gradually replaced by new combination kitchen utensils, which led to an increase in the construction area. Increase from square meters to more than square meters, reasonable size to open the depth, under the premise of reasonable layout, the kitchen water supply, drainage, power distribution should also meet the aesthetic requirements under practical conditions.

At present, the household has already widely used the range hood, and the degree of oil pollution in the kitchen is greatly reduced, but it is still not very satisfactory, mainly because the effect of removing the fumes is not good.

Therefore, the development of efficient exhaust fume equipment, the design of the exhaust duct has to be further improved. With the development of economy and culture, the design of the single function of the toilet has been canceled. In the age of entering, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have designed three large-sized multifunctional toilets in the house, which have been used for washing and bathing. Formal location.

In the age of entry, as people's comfort and function are continuously improved, the bathroom is also appeared. The ideal design is to wash the bathroom, rinse, make-up, and wash as the front room of the bathroom. The separation and connection are conducive to saving drainage and meeting the requirements of clear functions.

After years of design and practice, the ideal economic size of the bathroom is the opening depth. The ideal economic size of the bathroom is the opening depth, and the bathing facilities, toilets, washstands and other supporting facilities with the use of aesthetic functions should be provided. The use of new material products, such as water-saving toilets, the promotion of PVC plastic drains, the design of centralized pipeline wells, enveloping the pipeline, purifying the space, beautifying the environment and prolonging the service life of the pipeline.

In summary, the content mentioned in the developed cities in China has gradually emerged. I believe that in the near future, with the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the living standards, the comfortable restaurants, kitchens and living rooms will make each Residents enjoy a big change in people's perceptions.

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