Plastic and air pressure special AC motor drive

Delta Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced plastic and air-hydraulic pressure-specific AC motor drives - Delta G series products. This series of products currently has 460V three-phase series of standard specifications, power from 5.5KW-75KW, has a good energy-saving effect, a wide range of power supply, built-DC-Reacter, PID feedback control, the amount of control can be set, control of high precision Features.

Delta's Delta G series products can be used in plastic machinery, air compressors and hydraulic presses, and have many advantages such as low starting current, low starting torque and harmonic impact (built-in DC reactor). It can solve the high energy consumption of the plastic industry, especially the serious problem of power consumption. Delta G series products are not only of superior quality, but also environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The following are its various performance indicators:

â—† Unique overload capacity, 150%, 60 seconds (for special industries)
â—† High reliability and low energy loss (the latest generation of IGBT modules)
◆ Output frequency 0.1~120HZ, automatic voltage regulation output ◆ 16-section programmable speed and 15 sections programmable operation ◆ Built-in PID feedback control ◆ 18.5KW-75KW built-in DC reactor ◆ Built-in 2 fully insulated and Independent high-current (1A) analog input, and synthesize operation ◆ Built-in serial communication interface RS-485 (baud rate up to 38400)
â—† All I/O terminals are insulated and have excellent noise immunity â—† V/F curve and 3rd power V/F curve can be set â—† Double ground terminal and complete protection function â—† Power price calculation function


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