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Shanghai Haozhuang follows the principles of survival by quality, development by technology, efficiency by management, and credibility by service. It makes every set of equipment, every project, every link, strictly abides by credibility and commitment, and is willing to take the most Excellent quality and service have won the trust of users. The production and development of the brand LNB-GHX series of photochemical reactors was successfully developed under the technical support of many professors at Shanghai Jiaotong University and East China University of Technology. It is mainly used to study gas or liquid media, fixed or flow systems, ultraviolet light or simulated visible The photochemical reaction under the conditions of light and whether the reaction vessel is loaded with TiO2 photocatalyst. It has the functions of providing samples for analyzing reaction products and free radicals, measuring reaction kinetic constants, measuring quantum yield, etc. It is widely used in research fields such as chemical synthesis, environmental protection and life science.

Product advantages of Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Photochemical Reactor:

1. The electrical control part of the product is separated from the protective reaction dark box, which is convenient and reasonable for assembly, maintenance and upgrade, and the whole machine is beautiful and beautiful!

2. This type of main control power controller has flexible digital control of light time, suitable for timekeeping operations and data comparison experiments!

3. Professional and stable analog light source and stable, space-saving volume design, especially suitable for laboratory equipment with limited space!

4. Equipped with multi-test tube magnetic stirrer reactor function, it makes up for the shortcomings of unreasonable rotation of multiple test tubes around the light source and poor mechanical performance of multi-test tube rotation. It can achieve simultaneous and partial test tube inflation function. Excellent practical value and performance!

5. It is equipped with multiple magnetic stirring reaction vessel functions, which can make the reaction process have strong magnetic stirring, aeration, deflation, sealing, temperature measurement and other functions!

6. Equipped with a solid reaction device, which can perform photocatalytic reaction on solid materials, and a high-efficiency light-concentrating device increases the catalytic speed!

7. This type of photochemical reaction instrument adds an automatic shading device in the non-experimental stage, which will block the initial light source flickering unstable and block the light source sampled in the stage, so that the accuracy of the experiment is improved.

8. There is a water shortage alarm device. When the water pressure of the cooling water supply is insufficient or the water leakage seriously affects the safety of the experiment, an alarm sounds to remind the operator to check the water supply status in time.

9. It is equipped with a cooling water supply device and fluorine-free operation of imported compressors to ensure the stable operation of the light source for a long time, which is suitable for continuous operation experiments. The low-temperature cooling water supply device itself is equipped with a silent external circulation pump, which provides cooling water circulation pressurization, while saving waste of water sources.

10. The cooling water supply device is controlled by touch buttons, the interface is generous, there is no dull feeling of the traditional panel instrument, waterproof and high temperature resistance, the USB computer interface and operation software driver can be added according to customer requirements, and the digital operation sense is superior!

11. Flexible and diversified product design, we can formulate product design schemes according to customer requirements, and promote the people-oriented concept of science and technology!

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