Perfect lip makeup gives men the urge to kiss

Men prefer Song Xiaoqiao or Jin Taixi's cherry mouth compared to thin lips. The golden ratio of the lips is 0.85:1 for the upper lip than for the lower lip.
Perfect lip makeup, giving men the urge to kiss

Not only the shape of the lips, but also the color of the lips is a major factor in the desire to kiss men. One day I saw a girl who was dressed differently than usual, and her boyfriend was very excited. Sometimes women who like pure charm, sometimes like cute and lively women, this is the male mind.

Perfect lip makeup, giving men the urge to kiss

Style 1. tender and smooth, pure love

Color: orange

Men are the most innocent women because they easily stimulate men's potential protection. Entering the pure girl in the field of male protection, a smile is enough for the male deer to collide.

To look like an innocent woman, the looming makeup and the watery skin are the truth. After all, men just like women who don't need makeup, and they look beautiful.

The most important thing about moisturized skin is clean, with a minimum of foundation and color to create a smooth skin. Start with skin care and apply moisturizing products carefully to create a skin that is innocent and indifferent.

It is orange that fits this innocent impression, and the fresh orange blush smears the entire face to create a glamorous effect. Apply a light orange lipstick to the lips for a natural look. In order to increase the moisturizing feeling, add a moist nude lip gloss.

Perfect lip makeup, giving men the urge to kiss

Style 2. Cute and cute girl

Color: pink

Pink is a symbol of a cute and cute girl. While kissing and kissing his face, her boyfriend’s eyes immediately pop up. The lovely shape with pink arms easily melts his heart.

Enlarge your eyes and add vitality. Eyelashes like dolls are essential. A white pearl eyeliner gives the corners of the eye, and then mascara is used to brush the thick lashes.

Korean hairdressers suggest: "To emphasize the cute charm, recommend the big waves of fluffy. The wavy hair is full of lively and lovely charm. If you want to have a natural wave head, try to shape the curler in a vertical direction."

Perfect lip makeup, giving men the urge to kiss

Style 3. Temptation sexy woman

Color: red

"I hope that my girlfriend is pure and generous in front of others. Only when we both want her to be sexy." There are more men with this kind of thinking than they think. Occasionally, a man wants his girlfriend to tease him.

Sexy makeup, smoky makeup is essential. Naturally deep smoky eyes, if the color is too much, it will be like a village girl. Omit the blush and use the shadows to organize the contour lines of the face.

The color that symbolizes sensuality is a large red color, with a strong tempting crimson lipstick that gives the lips a focus. Like the sexy red lips of Angelina Jolie, even in this atmosphere, even if they just sit quietly and look at each other, they can stimulate their desire to kiss. >>>Happy New Year's Day has good luck.

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