PE bottles are used in the plastic packaging market

In recent years, PE bottles have been increasingly used in the beverage packaging industry. PE bottles have the advantages of large capacity, strong and durable, easy to carry and recyclable, which make them occupy a certain position in the beverage packaging industry. According to statistics, the current global consumption of plastic containers for beverage packaging is more than 10 million tons, and its production and sales volume is growing at an annual rate of 10% to 19%. Among them, PE bottles occupy 30%. One of the biggest plastic supplies.

Everyone knows which one is the PE bottle, but do you really understand the PE bottle? Do you know its ingredients?
PE bottle, commonly known as polyethylene bottle, is the simplest structure of high-molecular organic compounds. Polyethylene material is insoluble in water, has good water absorption, is not easily deformed, has good sealing properties and is resistant to corrosion, so it is mostly used to hold large-scale dairy products.
However, PE bottles also have disadvantages, 1 , easy to oxidize 2 , difficult to adhere 3 , difficult to extrudate 4 , poor temperature resistance 4 , and high thermal expansion coefficient. These shortcomings limit the expanded use of PE bottles. Hopefully, the PE bottle can be improved soon .

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