Operation trilogy of Haozhuang brand solid phase extraction device

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand solid phase extraction device, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable

The general operating procedure of solid phase extraction is divided into the following steps. 1. Before activating the adsorbent, the solid phase extraction cartridge should be rinsed with an appropriate solvent to keep the adsorbent moist, which can adsorb the target compound or interfere with the compound. Different modes of solid phase extraction cartridge activation solvents are different. â‘  Weak polar or non-polar adsorbents used in reversed-phase solid phase extraction are usually rinsed with water-soluble organic solvents, such as methanol, and then rinsed with water or buffer solution. It can also be rinsed with a strong solvent (such as hexane) before being rinsed with methanol to eliminate impurities adsorbed on the adsorbent and its interference with the target compound. â‘¡ The polar adsorbent used in normal phase solid phase extraction is usually eluted with the organic solvent (sample matrix) where the target compound is located. â‘¢ The adsorbent used for ion exchange solid phase extraction can be rinsed with the sample solvent when used in samples in non-polar organic solvents; after being rinsed with water-soluble organic solvents when used in samples in polar solvents Then, rinse with an aqueous solution of appropriate pH and containing certain organic solvents and salts. In order to keep the adsorbent in the solid phase extraction cartridge wet after activation until the sample is added, approximately 1 ml of the activation solvent should be kept on the adsorbent after activation. 2. Load the sample. Pour the liquid or dissolved solid sample into the activated solid-phase extraction cartridge, and then use vacuum, pressure or centrifugation to make the sample enter the adsorbent. 3. Washing and elution After the sample enters the adsorbent and the target compound is adsorbed, the weak retention interfering compound can be washed away with a weaker solvent, and then the target compound can be eluted with a stronger solvent and collected. The elution and elution are the same as described above, and the eluent or eluent can be passed through the adsorbent by vacuuming, adding or centrifuging. If, when choosing an adsorbent, you choose to adsorb the target compound very weakly or not, and when the adsorbent has strong adsorption to the interfering compound, you can also let the target compound elute and collect it, so that the interfering compound remains ) On the adsorbent, the two are separated. In most cases, the target compound is retained on the adsorbent, and finally eluted with a strong solvent, which is more conducive to sample purification.

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