On the relationship between packaging and marketing of goods

The full text is summarised: This article mainly deals with the relationship between the packaging of goods and the sales and marketing of goods.

First of all, it shows that, in addition to quality, there is an important factor in the current competitive environment, which is to pay attention to the packaging and appearance of products. And talk about the three functions of the packaging of goods, and use examples to extend the relationship between product success and packaging.

Under the current trend of homogenization of various commodities becoming more and more obvious, the packaging of commodities has become an important factor in determining the sales situation beyond the quality of goods and after-sales services.

What is the packaging of goods? The general definition is as follows: "In order to protect the product in circulation, to facilitate storage and transportation, to promote sales, according to a certain technical method used in the container, materials and auxiliary, etc.".
From the definition of commodity packaging, we can see that the packaging of commodities plays a very important role in the whole process of “production-transportation-traffic”.

Then, since the packaging of goods plays such an important role, how did each manufacturer use the original packaging of goods to conduct marketing activities?
Let's discuss together below.

To use the packaging of goods to conduct marketing activities, we must first understand the effect that the packaging of goods can have on commodities.

The first role: to protect the role of goods. This effect is the most direct and obvious. For example, a wine bottle can seal the wine so that it does not evaporate; the plastic bag of the cookies can keep the cookies from contact with the air and keep them crisp; for example, the cooked food stalls and plastic boxes for cooked food stalls in large supermarkets will be cooked. Food is preserved. Because this protective effect of packaging directly affects the quality of the entire product, in this regard, all manufacturers and supermarkets have made sufficient efforts. I think that in today's technological level, the packaging of commodities has done a good job in this respect.

The second role of packaging: to increase convenience. In addition to providing convenience for transportation and storage, manufacturers also need to provide convenience for consumers' use and preservation. In this respect, not every manufacturer can do it. Take the detergent used in my home as an example. In the supermarket, there are two brands of detergent sold. Consumers realize that the effectiveness of the detergent on the market is similar, and the price is basically the same. However, under this premise, the A brand detergent is only packed in plastic bags. The B brand laundry detergent is also packed in a plastic bag. However, in addition to opening cracks, B's silicone bag is even more special. After the opening, the plastic bag itself has a toothed seal, each time. After use, it can be closed to prevent washing powder from getting wet or falling out. This package design facilitates the preservation of the consumer during use. In contrast, the A brand of washing powder does not have any features.

It is clear that B brand products are better than A brand in this respect. Because of this, the repurchase rate of B brand customers will be high. My family bought B brand first.

The third role of packaging: increase the value of goods, establish a brand image, and promote sales. This role of packaging in the modern economic environment has a very important and sometimes decisive impact on the image and sales of goods.

As mentioned at the beginning of the text, due to the popularity of modern production technology and quality control and modern marketing concepts among major manufacturers. The homogenization of commodities is becoming more and more obvious. Different brands, different manufacturers in the production of the same generic goods, regardless of quality, after-sales service are very similar. If the price is basically the same, consumers will only rely on personal preferences when choosing a brand. What affects individual preferences is often the packaging of products.

I took the example of a drink sold in the “Jizhiji” supermarket on the second floor of “China Plaza”. We know that the fierce competition in the beverage market is absolutely no less than that of the home appliance industry. When walking to the shelf where the drinks are placed, the bottle of plastic drinks and paper bottle drinks are all full. At this time, there is a row of fruity sweat drinks on the shelf that are not covered with ordinary silicone bottles. Instead, they are packed in aluminum-platinum cans. The bright colors on the aluminum platinum cans and the aluminum platinum are reflective materials. The whole product gives people a new, steady feeling. And after drinking the inside drink, the aluminum platinum can can also be used to fill the boiling water, especially when pour hot water in winter when the aluminum can not deform like a plastic bottle as heat.

This unique packaging is not only beautiful, but also can increase the value of goods, although the price is 20% more expensive than domestic brands, but as imported goods, there are advantages of quality and appearance, the product will certainly occupy a major seat in the fierce competition .

As a packaging, another important point is of course to establish a brand image and promote sales. Here, I have another example of the role of packaging in this area.

In 1996 or 1997, the tide of wearing branded garments was set off in Guangzhou. The branded clothing traders had increased their number of brands from Giordano, Fortress and S&K to no fewer than ten brands. Many domestic or Hong Kong-owned brands have poured into the market. Formed a fierce competition. At this time, Giordano launched an event called "Green Shopping" in his special shop. Giordano changed the white plastic bag of the original packaged goods into a brown one, printed with the words "GIORAN DO". After the customer purchases clothes, the clerk puts the product in a Paper Shopping Bag and gives it to the customer. The customer then proceeds to carry out other activities with a shopping paper bag with the money Giordano's trademark. As a result, the word “Giordano” was unknowingly added on the street. Virtually sold ads to Giordano. Look at this new paper Shopping Bag , not only beautiful appearance, but also a solid structure, not easy to damage, can be used many times, then I can even use it as a schoolbag. In addition to the printed logo on the bag, there is also written "Support for environmental protection, please use recyclable shopping bags." This “environmental-friendly” packaging promotion has virtually created many advertising opportunities for Giordano, and at the same time brought the image of the brand to a new level. Obviously, the role of packaging in this is absolutely no less than a wonderful marketing plan.

In fact, the design and use of shopping bags for holding goods has become the focus of many well-known retail companies. Especially in Hong Kong, I feel that no matter how much value or volume goods are bought, the packaging along with the goods is very satisfactory. Compared with some of the older department stores in China, they also use old-fashioned plastic bags to hold goods. It seems that they need to make improvements in this regard.

In summary, the packaging of goods mainly has the following three aspects:

First, to protect the product; second, to increase convenience; third, to increase the value of the product, establish a brand image, and promote sales.

Manufacturers must successfully establish the image of goods in the fierce competition, in addition to taking into account the quality, service, price, it should be more rational use of the role of packaging in order to enhance the competitiveness of goods.

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