On the Packaging of China's Tourist Goods (2)

3 Characteristics of Tourist Products

As a unique material result produced as a result of tourism activities, tourism commodities not only have use value and value, but also have intrinsic characteristics that are different from ordinary products.

1) Miniaturized and portable. This is the general appearance of best-selling travel goods. The convenience of carrying the items is consistent with the tourist's psychological expectations of a relaxed and pleasant journey. It is difficult to imagine that tourists will have a good mood to travel around with large items. This also restricts the development of large-scale tourism products, such as brocades and small handicrafts with rich cultural features. With the improvement of the living standards of tourists, more and more attention has been paid to the packaging of goods and increasingly delicate.

2) The aesthetic value is high. Tourism is essentially a tourist who walks out of the open air. The process of seeking beauty enjoyment includes the pursuit of natural beauty, social beauty and artistic beauty. Tourism products are associated with tourism. In order to meet this demand of tourists, we are pursuing the beauty of arts and crafts in creation and are highly artistic and ornamental. The purchase of tourist goods also reflects the tourists' recognition of their aesthetic value.

3) Diversification and hierarchization. The differences in personal experience, hobbies, economic income, and cultural accomplishment of tourists determine their demand for goods. Different aesthetic standards and their evaluation results. That is, the demand of tourists for tourism products is personalized and diversified. This difference in diversity has also led to the gradation of tourist commodities. High, medium, and low-grade goods are suitable for different levels of tourists' needs.

4) High added value. The lowest price a tourist pays for purchasing a tourist product is not only based on the undifferentiated labor of the human being in which it is materialized, but also tends to depend to a greater extent on the aesthetic value, commemorative significance, and spiritual enjoyment of the companion tourist product. And people are generally not sensitive to the price of emotional enjoyment, often several times or even more than ten times the cost.

5) Big consumer elasticity. Travel commodities are generally not daily necessities. They are influenced by the mood of tourists and the environment of shopping areas, and are arbitrarily purchased. On the other hand, a consumer's consumption behavior often arouses the desire of the surrounding tourists to purchase, that is, the purchase of tourism products has a bounce. At the same time, tourism is subject to cyclical or sudden fluctuations in the influence of the four seasons, holidays, and socio-economic politics. Visitors' artificial increase or decrease will inevitably affect the sales of tourism products. Therefore, the sales of tourism products are highly volatile and the consumption elasticity is large.

6) Regional culture. Tourism products in the concept of modeling, raw material texture, process design, craftsmanship and other aspects, all have different degrees of tourism with the national characteristics and local atmosphere, as well as the characteristics of the tourist area. The regional nature of cultural connotation is the outstanding feature of tourism products, and it is also the key to its characteristic development.

7) Commemoration. The regional culture of tourist commodities makes it possible for tourists to seek tourism monuments. Tourists can also display their travel experiences accordingly. At present, domestic tourists to purchase tourism products are largely due to their commemorative significance.

4 Main shortages of tourism product packaging

1) Most tourism companies do not attach importance to the packaging of tourism products. Tourism products as tourist destinations Consumer goods developed for tourists generally do not value their packaging. Many travel destinations have direct exposure to food and drink, which is unhygienic and unsightly, and has greatly affected the sales of travel goods. Due to the lack of attention to the packaging of tourist goods, the proportion of sales of tourist goods in tourism consumption has been low. It should be noted that packaging can not only protect tourism products from pollution, damage, deterioration, etc. And can promote the role of consumption, easy to carry the packaging so that tourists desire to buy a great increase, is conducive to the development of tourism products.

2) The packaging level of tourism products is low and unsightly. At present, most of China's tourism products are sold without packaging and some have been packaged simply, but at a low level. The packaging materials are often used in a single, color is not rich, there is no description, and some are even inconsistent with the content and form, tourism products should also be based on the psychological needs of tourists, using a variety of means for the composition of goods, features, manufacturers And other aspects to explain, so that it can timely, extensive and accurate communication of information. In addition, beautiful packages not only increase the sales of tourism products, but also increase the value of tourism products themselves. The degree of exquisiteness of the packaging of the same kind of tourist goods is different, and the price that is recognized by the market is different. The exquisite packaging enables tourists to put it down and promote their sales.

3) The packaging of tourism goods lacks cultural connotation. The cultural connotation of packaging refers to the cultural character or cultural taste of the packaging. It is a product of the combination of the traditional culture of the nation and the characteristics of the times. Most tourism products developed in China's tourism destinations are packed with rough, simple, and colorless cultures. The packaging of travel goods. Regardless of the materials used and the shapes they have, there are two main functions. The first is the natural function. That is to play a protective role for tourism products, do not make the quality of the damage, the number of shortages; First, the social function, that is, tourism products play a mediating role. That is, introducing tourist products to tourists and attracting tourists. In order to achieve the purpose of expanding sales and occupying the market. To fully display the social functions of packaging for tourism products, that is, to enrich its cultural connotations, and to improve the cultural taste of tourism product packaging is the main direction of the packaging power of tourism products.

5 Improve the appeal of tourism products. Measures to improve its packaging The packaging of good tourism products has a certain appeal to tourists and can arouse the desire of tourists to buy. How to increase this attractiveness should start from the following aspects. That is, the color of the package, the pattern of the package, and the connotation of the package.

1) The color of the packaging: it plays a crucial role in tempting people's charm. Because 83% of the sensors come from the visual sense, if we can directly reflect the characteristics of the tourism products in the grasp and use of the packaging colors, and we can come to the collision and understanding with the tourists, then this kind of tourism products may become Tourists must choose undoubted tourist products. According to the intrinsic color or attributes of tourism products, the adoption of visualized colors enables tourists to recall memories of tourism products, and to make judgments on the basic contents and characteristics of tourism products. This is an important means for the current use of packaging colors. Such as handmade bamboo products for small toy packaging with a blue cat carton packaging is very funny JJ, children like it, when the tourism of native products on the packaging of green packaging is shown to be beneficial to human health, green food, the packaging of thousands of grapes Grape color and so on. These use the color of the tourism product itself to reproduce the color of the package, and thus have a basic concept and impression of the tourism product.

2) The pattern of packaging: It is the road sign that can seduce tourists most, and it is also a kind of announcement of the image of tourism products and the carrier of product culture. The combination of these patterns should be examined from three aspects: organizational form, the theme of expression, and the style of display. In terms of organization, no matter whether it is a geometric composition, an abstract tactical composition, or an instrumentalized or physical composition, there should be an internal painting language that can draw attention and communicate with tourists. And resonance points. In order to make this item acceptable to tourists. In the form of combination, some are dominated by prominent texts, and some focus on actual objects. There are also both. In the text, there are both single-character expressions, as well as combinations of texts and symbolic designs or photographs of objects, and there are also individual items that are represented by their internal contents; in fact, it is appropriate to use photographs as objects.

3) The connotation of packaging: It is mainly because of its cultural quality. The criterion of cultural quality lies in its artistic infectivity. The taste and the truth in it reveal the exquisite product image and packaging. Art infectivity is the most direct means of improving cultural tastes. It adopts a very delicate and direct grammar to culturalize the packaging of tourist goods, so that tourists are first surrounded by cultural atmosphere when shopping, and when they appreciate tourism products, It will also produce a recollection of classical culture. This artistic appeal often exceeds many times the value of intrinsic tourism goods.

Source: Packaging Project

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(Zhuzhou Institute of Technology,

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