Offset basic operating points

The basic operations of offset printing presses mainly refer to plate loading, school printing, color correction, cleaning of ink rollers, replacement of blankets, loading of paper, bumping of paper, and modification of regulations.

First, the installation of the operating point

Loading and calibration are the most common tasks in the operation of offset printing presses. They are also very important tasks. The quality and speed of the pre-installation operation directly affect product quality and production efficiency. Fast, accurate, and high-quality installations are required to be obtained through long-term training. In particular, the strengths and methods of pull-ups must be long-term practiced to master them. The following only provides some theoretical guidance of the school edition, but also the experience and requirements of the school edition. It will be helpful for the school edition. One of the most important requirements of the installation is to prevent artificial plate tension deformation. It is also important and necessary for the operator of the automatic plate changing machine to master the skill of manual plate change.

1. The plates that can be used should be washed after removing the layout ink, coated with protective rubber, and air dried (blow-dried) to put the darkroom upright for preservation, not flatly stacked.

2. Before loading, you should loosen the clips, allow the clips to return, and center them (manual loading machine).

3. Plate mouths must be in place (ie the bottom of the stencil clip).

4. Multi-color machine installed version should be two-way positioning, to ensure that the direction of the up and down and the direction of each version consistent. Machines with positioning devices should allow the positioning pins to be placed in the positioning holes of the printing plate, and no positioning should be considered for bidirectional positioning.

5. When loading the plate, it should be placed on the water roller, ink roller or pressure first, so that the printing plate and the roller are tightly closed to prevent the printing plate from being distorted and deformed.

6. After loading, you should tighten the tip and then rinse your mouth tightly.

7. The school edition must let off the edition paper (referring to the bad paper that balances the ink color after printing and printing), can't use good paper to overprint. School stencil (refers to prints or blanks used to calibrate plates) 2-3 shots at a time.

8. The last piece of paper can not be used as the basis for the school edition.

9. The school edition should first be followed by the school regulations (inspecting whether the rules are the same), and the proofs of the regulations can be used for the school edition. All regulations and paper thicknesses must be followed by the school regulations. School rules require at least 5 sheets of school paper each time.

10. For folded, cut, or reprinted prints, the gargle must be leveled and the error should be less than 0.2mm (2 lines), ie consistent. General prints should also try to level the mouth.

11. All folded pages should be checked for folding: Whether each page size, page number, location, gauge, etc. meet the requirements.

12. All guidelines should fall on the printed sheets. No one can be missing.

13. Where stamping is required, the size of the manuscript (box-like, etc.

14. School edition and school ink should be carried out at the same time to increase production efficiency.

15. Multi-color machine school should choose the mouth plate with a flat plate as a reference to adjust the position of other plates to reduce the workload of the school.

16. Multi-machine printing plate fine-tuning (automatic adjustment) should in principle be carried out in the boot (run) state.

17. Before the multi-color machine installs another set of printing plates, the plate should be fine-adjusted (zeroed).

18. Before the school edition, the former should be equalized (referring to the premise that the premise is uneven).

19. Hand pull version.

1 When the left and right ends are pulled in the same direction: Loosen all the plate screws of the other party. After pulling enough, tighten the other side plate screws first. Pull only the two screws when pulling the plate.

2 When only one end needs to be pulled: Loosen the other side of the other side of the pull screws, and only leave the other side of the other side of a pull screw does not release, and then the top diagonal or the local version of a certain amount of plate clamp after pull plate, tight plate method As above (after the top version, the top version screws should be returned a few times, compared to the single version folder machines).

3 when the two ends pull in the opposite direction: each end pulls the plate respectively, the method is the same as 2.

20. Quality requirements for pull-overprinting: fine-printing products have a tolerance of less than 0.1 cupn (1 line), and general prints have an error of less than 0.2m (2 lines). The important part should first ensure the registration, and all rules must be registered.

twenty one. Check the plate prior to loading: Do not install unqualified plates, do not install wrong plate, and foreign matter on the reverse side of the plate should be removed.

twenty two. All pull plates and clamping plate screws must be fastened. The pull plate cannot be used with too much force. When the plate is pulled, it should be searched and analyzed. It must not be forced to pull.

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