Netizens eager to host Maybelline New York Moisturizing Cream

Maybelline New York Moisturizing Cream

Maybelline/ Maybelline New York Moisturizing Cream 30ML/69

Developed specifically for Chinese women's skin, it is specially formulated with intensive moisturizing ingredients and skin soothing factors to relieve dryness and discomfort, smooth pores, fine lines and enhance the fit of powder. Contains no flavors and fragrances. Maybelline's new Maybelline New Year's Essence Moisturizing Isolation Base Cream moisturizes the skin before makeup and isolates makeup and pollution. Make the makeup more natural and docile. It is used in conjunction with Maybelline New York's radiant powder to make the skin more natural and flawless.


The original isolation was used up, and it was too late to buy a new one to buy a M isolation in the supermarket at the door. The effect is surprisingly good. Originally thought it would be easy to get oil or makeup, and the result of holding makeup can be maintained for 5 or 6 hours, and it feels natural. In addition to no sun protection, other awesome.

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