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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] luxury, classical, elegant wardrobe can be close to watching, not to mention the price is expensive to retreat, its momentum can be controlled by several people. The closet in the market is also a simple, fresh, natural, and highly sturdy wardrobe. It is also very suitable for young people today. It has a small living area and is flexible and convenient to move.

IKEA style wardrobe

All Friends Wardrobe 89305-2MTL1

Reference price: 3019 yuan

Product Comments : All-you-you this double-door wardrobe, with sliding door design, the combination of pure black panel and natural wood grain is natural and calm, giving people a sense of calmness. The interior design of the wardrobe is arranged according to the family storage habits. It is equipped with clothes rails and trousers. The clothes are not easy to wrinkle and easy to find. The separated space can be used to store other household items. In addition, there is a lock drawer in the middle. Private objects, in general, can basically meet the storage requirements, and are quite satisfactory.

Single bedroom closet

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Hannes double sliding door wardrobe

Price: 2999 yuan

Product Comments : Made of solid wood, it is a durable and natural material. Whether it's folded clothing, or different lengths of hanging clothes, it can be perfectly accommodated.

Pure Soft Makeup Remover

Key ingredients: laurate, glycerol, octanoic glycerol esters, etc.
Capacity: 100ml
It is suitable for removing the makeup of eyes, face and lips, cleaning and moistening, and replenishing moisture for skin.

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