Meijin home color film has attitude home beauty

Twenty years ago, the advent of women's beauty salons produced countless million and multi-millionaires in mainland China. Ten years ago, the auto-cosmetic industry was hot, and it was a crazy nugget, creating one after another myth of wealth, today, beauty. Jinkai created the first professional eco-home beauty salon in China. This is an industry with unlimited future, a huge blue sea mayor with precise positioning, and a section of Meijin home color film and franchisees hand in hand to create a rich journey.

With the development of living standards, people's requirements for quality of life have gradually increased. Improving the living environment has become another hot spot for people to consume. At present, the decoration rate of new residential buildings in the country has reached more than 90%. According to a sample of the first-tier cities in the country, the number of households currently preparing for renovation accounts for more than 41.3. The amount of expenses for residential decoration in the country is very large. This undoubtedly shows that the huge market of home decoration and home beauty industry is entering an unprecedented period of rapid development, which means that the market of Meijin home color film will be incalculable.

For the decoration of the home, the Chinese have always spared no effort, not to mention the era of quality and life in which this material is extremely rich. From hard decoration to soft decoration, it is the trend of the times, and the concept of home decoration consumption is undergoing tremendous changes!

Meijin Huizhu Tianxia (Beijing) International Investment Management Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development and application of products in various fields such as fashion and creative household items, home decoration and beauty, building energy conservation, etc. It has many strengths represented by Meijin. With global professional and technical advantages and rich sales network expansion experience, the brand has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign consumers and entrepreneurial investors. It is rapidly unstoppable to seize the commanding heights of China's home decoration and home beauty care market.

Following the rapid rise of the eco-home chain business, Huizhu has made a second attack, and the latest generation of eco-home beauty makeup film has entered the company's strategic deployment. "Mei Jin" integrates the industry's advantageous resources, and has reached a strategic alliance with the US STI film, domestic and foreign home beauty research institutes, and employs well-known design masters from the United States, South Korea and China. After several years, it has developed exclusive patented technology and The "ecological home beauty makeup film" of the craft. After more than 100 product improvement, improvement, variety and quality improvement, Meijin successfully promoted the eco-home beauty makeup film in 2012, and enjoyed the magical function of the film products in the field of home decoration and beauty.

Meijin Home Beauty believes that the ideal home environment should be the perfect integration of life and art, the harmony of practicality and beauty. Because we always believe that each family's life is a culture of their own, they constitute a holistic cultural atmosphere, we live in it, accept the influence and influence others in our own way. Therefore, on the basis of respecting the building composition and practical functional requirements, Meijin's home color film products pay more attention to discovering and promoting the humanistic value of the home environment. Meijin home color film, eco-home beauty products with attitude.

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