Leader's Guide to General Knowledge (1): Opening remarks and concluding remarks

Frequent friends who go outdoors often have tired and exhausted outdoor activities for a long time. Hill friends who like to challenge are not only challenging routes, but good interpersonal relationships will push them to the challenge of “leadership”.

The job of an outdoor “leader” is, in my opinion, a high-risk job. It does not speak about the dangers. The wages are also very low, and it is also necessary for the players to take risks. Therefore, the mountain friends, who are usually sensible, are not convinced to blame the leader for some minor problems. Then the team leader will have to face a wide range of people. A good team leader will start with minor issues. The individual's overall quality must keep up, and it really doesn't matter if he can't keep up. There is no worst student. As long as the best instructor is, I'm the leader of a wolf smoke team.

(1) Opening remarks and conclusions of the leader's instructions

Regardless of the size of the activities, the habit of cultivating, the speech after the departure of the number of people before the departure (that is, prospering), can not be too ambiguous, the language concise, there is no lack of humor.

1. The self-introduction of the team leader: This is the first impression left to the players. It requires repeated practice. Voice, tone, facial expression, and line of sight. Let the players accept you at the first time.

2, the introduction of the route, to explain clearly to the players.

3, security issues from time to time. Isn't there a saying "Is the ugly saying in front of you?" I told you not to listen. Then your question must be spoken as the leader.

4, environmental issues. Old talkers are tired and need to personally take the lead in setting the example. The effect is very good.

The above 4 points are the opening remarks of the event. It is an indispensable and major commonsense issue for outdoor team leaders.

In conclusion, the staff of the next event will all rely on the candidness and serious decision of the previous team leader. Activities are not afraid, as long as serious and responsible, plus candid summary, will win the player's re-trust.

About the Author:

ID: Wolf Smoke Captain Age: 72, 2
Blood type: O type,
Education: The first time the undergraduate takes part in the outdoor time: In 2006, he was familiar with the route around Urumqi, and his physical strength could also pass the route: Kumutag, Gushi Ancient Road, Wugu Road, Shatthou Ancient Road, Wolf Tower C Line, Huagu Road, Xiaohe Cemetery, Lop and other heavy equipment crossing routes.
Number of team leaders: 30 or more team leader abilities: Feel good and continue to learn.
Personal hobbies: field games, trekking, adventures, outreach sports, swimming, writing, photography.
Personal characteristics: It is capable of being able to communicate with each other, is stable and generous, has a good organization and coordination ability, and has a strong sense of responsibility.
Hold: Certificate of Association, Social Sports Instructor Certificate, Certificate of Commencement of Training Course for the Leader of the Lambs, and Training Certificate for the Emergency Training of the Red Cross Society

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