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KOLON SPORT (Kolon) 2014 autumn and winter new product conference ended in Beijing a perfect one month ago. The new design and inspiration demonstrated by this time made all the friends who love KOLON SPORT very pleasantly surprised. Finally, with the growing autumn mood, KOLON SPORT 2014 autumn and winter new products will be on August 26 landing domestic supermarkets.

[2014 autumn and winter KOLON SPORT definition outdoor new era]
Now! is the autumn and winter theme of KOLON SPORT 2014. Nowadays it is an era of blending, culture blends, the times meet, technology loves luxury, fur-embedded GORE-TEX, nylon-stitched leather, cold winter, no fear, and black and white are all my colors – set the future together and define a new era of outdoor!

According to different design inspiration, KOLON SPORT 2014 autumn and winter new products are divided into four series - from the anatomically inspired Anatomia ultimate deconstruction series, the polar adventure theme Alaska Alaska series, nostalgic retro academic style Appalachian Abrah The Chia Series and the modern Native American Native American tribe seek to surpass the past in autumn and winter of 2014, bringing new outdoor style breakthroughs!

[2014 Winter KOLON SPORT × Tang Wei Pictorial Prerelease]
Since Tang Wei became a spokesperson for KOLON SPORT in the fall and winter of 2013, he praised the friends who are very fond of the outdoors and fashion, and his healthy and natural temperament matched the brand's pursuit of natural outdoor culture. This year's autumn and winter, KOLON SPORT continues to work together with Tang Wei. The new season's products and styling are also highly concerned. Synchronized to the 2014 autumn and winter new products into the store, KOLON SPORT even earlier exposed the 2014 autumn and winter pictorial recently shot by Tang Wei.

Tang Wei KOLON SPORT 2014 autumn and winter pictorial exposure perfect HOLD live limit outdoor and urban fashion modeling

KOLON SPORT 2014 autumn and winter products have a new theme and design, will bring you a more perfect experience, while meeting the professional outdoor and mass consumer demand for professional functionality and style, from August 26, go KOLON Take a closer look at the SPORT store!

[2014 autumn and winter KOLON SPORT recommended new purchase shop]
Yandigang Shop: 3rd floor, Yandi Port, No. 18 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Oriental Plaza Shop: BB49, B1, Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing, Beijing

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