Jindizhen loves the magic of special-shaped packaging

When you go into a supermarket or various retail stores, you can find the most eye-catching chocolate packaging on food shelves. Well-known brands are constantly updated packaging, new products emerge one after another.

In this we can't help but notice that the special packaging of the “Golden Emperor” chocolate of Shenzhen Jindi Group Company has always been very special and eye-catching. He launched the “Jin Di Mei Zi Series” product in 2002; during “Valentines Day” The six-prism-shaped carton pack "Jindi Zhenren Love Hazelnut Filled Chocolate" series products and the recently introduced Gu Lio series are introduced. Jin Di indeed cherishes shaped packaging.

Through transparent packaging materials, some or all of the physical forms of the products are displayed, which enables the buyer to directly see the image, color and quality of the products, which not only reflects the natural beauty of the products, but also facilitates the customer's identification and purchase. The use of rigid transparent plastic box packaging, all kinds of chocolate in the box at a glance, so that consumers can not help but unbundled, sales soared.

Cute bear shape, giving her "she" in your heart

Original transparent boots, especially during the Christmas season, whether you are alone or giving away, are very appropriate

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