Is the treadmill useful? What are the benefits of a treadmill?

Treadmills are the best choice for busy modern people, but many people are worried that over-reliance on treadmills may not be effective and waste time. So is the treadmill useful ? What are the benefits of a treadmill ? Let's take a look at the decoration of the decoration home below.

Is the treadmill useful ?



The benefits of the treadmill 1. Unaffected by the weather: This should be the main reason for runners to use the treadmill. Whether it is windy, rainy, heavy sun, cold current, typhoon, sandstorm, etc., runners can run. Train on board.

The benefits of the treadmill 2 , with a buffer effect: for beginners who are running, older, and runners after the injury, the cushioning effect of the treadmill can absorb the impact on the lower limbs when the feet are landing, 踝The burden on joints, knee joints, and hip joints will be much lessened ; if you are a runner with a large amount of training, you can replace some road runs with a treadmill during routine training, so you can also use the cushioning effect of the treadmill. Reduce the accumulated pressure on your legs and avoid fatigue injuries.


Benefits of the treadmill 3 , stable and safe training environment: the risk of improper operation, the treadmill is safer than the outdoor running, especially for runners who have no playground near the home and can only run at night. Running in the traffic on the road in the evening is still dangerous ; the bumps or skews on the road may also cause you to twist your feet. The steam locomotives or stray dogs that rush out from time to time often disrupt the training rhythm, practice on the treadmill, press After the start button, there will be no interruption, no steam locomotive, no crossing, no one to block the road, allowing the runner to concentrate on running.


The benefits of the treadmill 4 , can be freely combined with a variety of training: Sometimes you may want to make some changes in the constant jogging or training: start with easy running, long interval acceleration, add a climb, steep rise, return to the ground, There are a few short breaks, and finally jogging . It is difficult to find such a versatile and safe venue for outdoor running, but this can be achieved by setting a finger on the treadmill.


1 short board treadmill, static environment: less scenic, change of scenery, a chance encounter with runners, people feel like Day Break time on the treadmill, usually run one hour is not tired, but the station It’s been a long time on the treadmill for 10 minutes. If you don’t have a TV, a mirror, or a music, it’s really boring.


The short board of the treadmill 2 , the lower training benefit: Because the treadmill has the track drive, the runner can continue to run in the same place as long as the back swinging leg is lifted along the power of the crawler. The power to push forward, so it will be more labor-saving to run, but on the contrary, the same running time training effect is not as good as running on the ground, but this has a solution, that is, most treadmills have a slope The setting will increase the resistance of the track to simulate the feeling of pushing the legs when running on the ground or the force of the thighs when climbing.


The short board of the treadmill 3 , limited movement space: For some runners with long legs or taller body, running on the treadmill platform with limited space, not only the length of the front and rear is limited, but also free. Moving to the left and right, there is a little less fun to run. For some people, it may also be because the limited exercise space affects the running movement, and it is not smooth.


4 short board treadmill, can not fully simulate the terrain changes: While the treadmill sloping set of features, but in fact we only rely on track to increase resistance to increase the burden on the legs, upper body leaning forward required for climbing, with the slope change Techniques such as stride and stride frequency are still difficult to fully simulate. In addition, it can be experienced on a treadmill, such as over-curved roll, down-slope center of gravity adjustment, and uneven foot muscle training with uneven road surface.

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