Instant mask for supple and fair skin

Basically, all brands of whitening lines will launch corresponding masks. As an instant-effect god, you want to be transparent and stereoscopic. What is more surprising than seeing the results at that moment! This time we will divide them into three categories, so let's take a seat and find the one that suits you best.

Washing and smearing

What is the whitening effect of the washable mask and the flaky mask?

There are no specific differences, just like the creamy mask that works just the layer that is closest to your skin. However, it is recommended to use a creamy skin for oily skin, because the cause of oily muscles is often caused by oily thickening of the stratum corneum, darkening of pores and darkness of the pores, and the cleansing of the cream is good; while the dry skin is creamy, it will Not as wet as a sheet.

Smudge mask, please strictly control the time

For example, once the paste of the cream mask is dried, it will enter the pores and it is difficult to wash away. Not only does it damage the keratin, it may also cause allergic acne. The rule that should be mastered is that the surface is dry, and the layer that is close to the skin is still damp and washed away. Always apply to the cheeks, then the forehead, and finally the nose and chin.

SISLEY Whitening Brightening Mask

1.SISLEY whitening bright mask 880 yuan

It is like a scavenger, and what excess oil and waste keratin on the surface of the skin can quickly remove it. The texture of the gel is soft and smooth, suitable for sensitive muscles. Squeeze the paste on the face. After applying for about 10 minutes, wipe off the mask on the skin surface with a paper towel, rinse the skin with warm water, and pat the skin. Water, then apply a conventional cream.

LaPrairie Whitening Mask

2.LaPrairie whitening mask 1400 yuan

A mask that allows you to enjoy a beauty treatment at home. The small brush is used to make the cream look professional FEEL. It only takes 5 minutes. After use, the skin becomes cool and comfortable instantly. The pores are very clear. You can iron the skin and put it into the whitening essence.

3.PTR bright white translucent bubble mask 530 yuan

The whitening effect is so good that you can see it after washing away those rich bubbles. It quickly injects oxygen into dull skin and has the effect of detoxifying and tightening pores. Long-term use can help reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles. Use 1~2 times a week, bathing with the temperature of the bathroom, you will be able to experience the fun of the bubble.

4. Herborist New Seven Whitening Whitening Renewal Mask 280 yuan / 500g

Affordable and large bowl, suitable for long-term whitening mask, and gather 7 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, stick to it can effectively adjust the skin. Apply almost two grapes to the face evenly, gently massage for a while, stay for about 10 minutes, then wash with warm water, 3 to 4 times a week.

Night type

Don't worry about the so-called oxidation

This type of whitening mask is usually a sleep mask that can be put on sleep. Many people have concerns about this type of mask, but if it is said to be oxidized, the cream will also oxidize and everything will oxidize, so this kind of worry is completely unnecessary. What's more, the sleeping mask is usually gel-like and has a relatively large molecule. It forms a coating on the face, which helps to open the pores and suck in the nutrients. After the nutrition in the sleeping mask penetrates into the skin, what is left on the surface is a layer of egg-shaped film.

Avoiding the light source is the point

Because it contains whitening ingredients and is photolytic, what you have to do is to avoid the light source as much as possible. Since it is used at night, and can not rely on sunscreen products to protect, it is a true chapter to turn off the lights as soon as possible.

ORBIS New Muscle White Good Night Mask

5.ORBIS new muscle white night good night mask 369 yuan

It utilizes the gel coating effect, which can make the whitening ingredient--continuous vitamin C inducer deeper into the bottom layer of the skin, and inhibit the production of melanin melanin. The moisturizing ingredients and the white white crystal ball contained in it can soak the tired keratin and ensure the first When I woke up for two days, my complexion looked clean and even. It has a soothing calming effect on the skin after sun exposure.

6. Nalu Kelan lavender snow whitening night night frozen film 145 yuan

It is paired with lavender compound plant essential oil, so that the irritating mood is soothed through the fragrant aroma, the pressure is reduced, and the emotional enemies are eliminated for healthy skin. Deeply breathe the fragrance of the compound plant oil before use, and then spread it to the skin in the order of light rubbing, light pressing, etc., or apply a little thicker. When using the massage cream, it can be absorbed quickly. Don't worry about getting the quilt. .


You don't have to care too much about whether the essence is completely absorbed.

Although they often indicate how many ml of essence are contained, you don't have to worry about whether you want to wait for the mask to dry into a crepe cake. The masks with different functions are actually different in the specified time. Usually, the base mask is moisturized for a long time, and the whitening mask is used. Usually the time is short, 3 to 5 minutes. If you really don't want those extra essences to be wasted, use it to greet all parts of your body.

Pick the right material for you

Among the common mask materials, the penetration of woven fabrics and cotton fabrics is good, but the fit is not enough. Fortunately, the price is relatively cheap, and it will not be painful every day. The bio-fiber mask has good permeability, good airtightness, and excellent indicators, but the price is relatively expensive. There is also a silky texture that is lighter and more comfortable for sensitive skin.

OLAY Whitening Mask

7.OLAY whitening mask 150 yuan

A whitening mask recommended by many stars, containing safe whitening herbal extracts, is only used once or twice a week. It is a stretch fabric that can be placed close to the face, giving the cheeks a very good pressure. You can use your index finger to slide along the sides of the nose to the sides of the nose, then go to the lymph, which can eliminate facial toxins and drive away dullness. .

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