Installation steps and precautions of the top ten shower brands

The fast pace of modern life is often breathless, and a comfortable bath can appropriately relieve fatigue. The most important thing for a comfortable shower is a good shower. Of course, the installation height of the shower is also a big factor. Modern bathroom space shower products are diverse, ranging from a single traditional shower head to an integrated shower with multiple shower heads. The shower head has functional shower head and massage shower head according to different processes. Therefore, a high-quality shower head is indispensable for bathroom life, but the choice of shower head and the installation of the shower head will also affect the future use effect. The following are the top ten brands of shower heads. The installation steps and precautions are a brief introduction for everyone.

Introduction to shower

Modern bath is divided into shower and bath. For showers, showers are an indispensable product. Generally, showers can be divided into plastic showers, stainless steel showers, copper showers, etc. according to their materials.

Stainless steel shower: stainless steel surface will never rust, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, no lead, composite environmental protection concept

Plastic shower head: light weight, no heavy metal, more anti-scald, multi-functional.

Copper shower: durable, high temperature resistant, and drop resistant. The copper shower is equipped with a rubber spout to prevent clogging and easy to clean, and the copper shower is easy to install and use for a long time without any hidden dangers.

According to the type, it can be divided into music shower, LED shower and massage shower, etc.

According to the installation method, it is divided into wall-mounted type and wall-mounted type.

Wall-mounted shower advantages: water pipes enter the wall to save space; the overall effect of the shower room is beautiful and generous.

Disadvantages: water leakage after entering the wall is not easy to repair

The advantages of the wall-mounted shower: if there is a failure in the leakage of the water pipe, it is easy to repair the cause of the failure; now the wall-mounted shower has a variety of styles. A good shower can play a decorative role and enhance the taste of the shower room.

Disadvantages: The leakage of water pipes takes up space, and at the same time, the exposed areas need to be wiped frequently to keep their appearance bright.

Top ten brands of shower

1. Moen Moen (started in the United States in 1937, one of the world's leading professional manufacturers of high-end faucets, kitchen sinks, bathroom hardware accessories, Moen (China) Co., Ltd.)

2. Sean CAE (in 1989, the top ten brands of showerheads, famous brand products in Guangdong Province, one of the largest bathroom production plants in China, Guangdong Sean Bathroom Industry Co., Ltd.)

3. Hansgrohe (started in Germany in 1901, a century-old history, multinational companies, world famous brands, shower top ten brands, Hansgrohe Sanitary Ware (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

4. Jomoo (China's well-known trademark, once won the Chinese famous brand, large bathroom leading enterprise, high-tech enterprise, Fujian famous brand, Fujian famous brand, Jiumu Group Co., Ltd.)

5. Kohler Kohler (founded in 1873, a large multinational company, one of the oldest / largest family businesses in the United States, a hundred years of history, American Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

6. Grohe Grohe (started in Germany in 1936, the world's top manufacturer of bathroom products, the world's leading brand of German bathroom faucets, Grohe (Shanghai) Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

7. Huayi Huayi (Famous Brand Product of Guangdong Province, Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province, High-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province, Top 100 Enterprises in China's Kitchen and Bathroom Industry, Guangdong Huayi Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.)

8. Gaussian Coso (world faucet brand from Germany, top ten brands of shower heads, famous brands, professional sanitary ware manufacturing enterprises, Foshan Huiying Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

9, Kang Liyuan KLY (a high-tech modern enterprise integrating R & D, design, production of leading, hardware, and overall sanitary ware, Heshan Kang Liyuan Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.)

10. Shen Luda (China's well-known trademark, once won China's famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, China's 500 most valuable brands, shower ten brands.

Leaking shower

There are many reasons for the leakage of the shower head. Generally, there are leakages at the connection between the nozzle and the handle and leakage at the nozzle turning ball.

For water leakage at the connection between the nozzle and the handle, we generally adopt:

1. Using the band pliers, unscrew the nozzle handle from the hose. If you use other wrenches, tie the hose with tape to prevent it from being scratched.

2. Clean the threads on the handle, and apply the adhesive for the plumber or tape around the plumber.

3. Turn the spray head back and tighten it by hand. Remove any excess adhesive and tape.

We generally use the leakage from the shower nozzle to the ball:

1. Unscrew the nozzle from the steering ball ring;

2.0 Find the O-ring inside (this ring prevents water from leaking out) or similar seals. Replace it, and then rotate the nozzle back to its original position;

3. The problem of the spray head may also be caused by the sand or sediment in the spray head, or the accumulation of swarf and mineral deposits.

4. The solution is to unscrew the nozzle from the steering ball and then clean it up.

Shower head installation

1. Pay attention to the height of the mixing valve

The height of the shower mixing valve from the ground, when we install the shower, we must first determine the height of the shower mixing valve from the ground. Generally, before installing the shower, we have determined the installation of the shower. local. Then the distance between the shower mixing valve and the ground is generally controlled within a height range of about 90 ~ 100cm. In this interval, we can also make fine adjustments according to our height. But generally it should not be higher than 110cm. If it is too high, it may cause the shower head to not be installed.

Second, reserve the wire head

The reserved wire head of the generally installed shower faucet is buried in the wall tile. It is best to cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise it will look less beautiful. Therefore, it is best to consider the reserved position when laying the pipeline. It is generally 15mm higher than the rough wall, so that the wire head can be buried when the tiles are finished, to ensure the appearance of the wall.

3. The reserved space for the inner elbow of the shower

The general standard for the reserved spacing of the inner elbow of the shower head is about 10 ~ 15cm. Generally, when buying a shower, the seller will give away two adapters, so that the water inlet of the mixing valve can be well connected to the cold and hot water outlet of the wall. However, as far as possible, don't use an adapter to transfer, this is more beautiful.

Shower installation height-matters needing attention

1. It is necessary to punch holes when installing the shower head. It is important to note that the water pipes in the wall cannot be penetrated when drilling holes;

2. When installing the shower on the round bottom cover, be sure to tighten the screws, otherwise the shower will fall off.

3. When installing the hand shower, it cannot be robbed or twisted;

4. Before installing the shower, be sure to determine the height of the installation and mark it well.

Shower installation height-maintenance

While enjoying the comfortable experience brought to us by the shower, we also need to clean and maintain the shower. After using the shower for a period of time, it is necessary to remove the scale. You cannot use strong acid to remove the scale of the shower. Otherwise, it will cause corrosion on the surface of the shower. During the process, the shower cannot be forcibly disassembled. Improper operation will damage the shower and render it unusable.

Editor's summary: For the installation standard of the shower head, the answer cannot be generalized. When installing the shower head, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustments according to the height of the family, so as to achieve the best use effect. The ideal installation height of the shower head should be 20-30 cm higher than the user.

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