Infusion packaging - plastic into hot spots

Editor's note : Infusion refers to a large-volume injection that is injected intravenously into the body. Due to the specificity of the dosage and administration method, it has become an indispensable major pharmaceutical dosage form for clinical medicine, and the water and nutrients required for the initial supply of patients have evolved into carriers for intravenous administration and directly play a therapeutic role. Drugs show their unique charm.

Accompanied by the infusion of drugs in the clinical role of medicine and its unique charm. With the continuous improvement of clinical medical effects of infusion, infusion packaging materials have also undergone evolution in different periods and have developed toward high-quality non-toxic and safe application.

Based on this topic, we look at the packaging of infusions, and pay special attention to infusion plastic packaging . Based on the first three issues (◎ plastics vitality in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, and the plastic bottle show charm ◎ blister singing star), let’s take a look at plastic. The endless charm in the pharmaceutical industry!

â–² Infusion packaging containers and their advantages and disadvantages

At present, China's infusion production uses the following forms of packaging: glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastic soft bags, which are divided into PVC (polyvinyl chloride) bags and non-PVC soft bags.

1 Glass infusion packaging

Glass bottle infusion has long been the main form of infusion packaging in China. At present, 95% of infusions in China still use glass bottles.

However, due to the heavy weight, brittleness, and damage of glass bottles, they are not portable and transportable. Therefore, in the 1960s, there was an international infusion of plastic containers as packaging containers and the end of the glass bottle infusion packaging technology dominated the world situation. .

2 plastic infusion packaging

(1) Plastic bottle infusion packaging technology

Plastic bottle infusion packaging technology, mainly polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) as a packaging container material. Overcoming the disadvantages of glass bottle packaging technology, not easy to transport and low production efficiency, there are still some problems in clinical application.

(2 ) Soft Bag Infusion Packaging Technology

In order to solve the safety problem of clinical application of bottled infusion, plastic soft bag infusion packaging technology came into being. The infusion solution using this packaging technology can realize fully closed infusion. Due to the self-shrinkage of the soft bag during clinical use, there is no need to form an air circuit. The use of external atmospheric pressure can force drug droplets to be dripped and avoid open infusion. The safety hazards of the method increase the safety of infusion. Plastic soft bag infusion packaging technology, according to the soft bag material is divided into soft PVC bag packaging technology and non-PVC soft bag packaging technology.

Normal > Closed flexible packaging infusion

Normal > Talking about the infusion of soft packaging

Application of Polyolefin Multilayer Co-extrusion Film in Infusion Packaging

Normal > Large Infusion Drug Plastic Packaging

Normal > Vein plastic infusion container with butyl rubber stopper

Normal > About the performance of infusion packaging containers

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