Ilapak Launches Vegatronic

Vegatronic is an industrial electronic longitudinal molding-filling-seal series model introduced by Ilapak Corporation. All types of models are computer-controlled, flexible, and can handle different types of packaging, including pillow packaging, square bottom packaging, vertical edge sealed packaging, zipper re-sealing packaging and so on. Vegatronic models can use heat-sealing and thermoplastic packaging materials to package a variety of products, including granular products, bulk products, fresh produce, frozen produce, powdered products, liquid products, and non-food products. Vegatronic 1000 models are specially designed for handling pillow packs or square bottom packs; Vegatronic 2000 models are versatile models suitable for standard or innovative packs with vertical, tilt and dual-use models The Vegatronic 3000 models are professionally designed for continuous and high-speed film feeding.

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