How to use nitrogen blower better? Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. tells you

Shanghai Haozhuang upholds every set of equipment, every project, every link, strictly abides by the credibility and commitment, and is willing to win the trust of the majority of users with the best quality and service. Shanghai Haozhuang has a recognized team of experts in the industry and first-class scientific and technological talents. With its profound understanding and mastery of scientific instrument technology, on the basis of independent research and development of core technology of scientific instruments, it has not only developed cryogenic instruments, ultrasonic instruments, and cabinet Instruments, microbiological instruments, ice-making refrigeration instruments, laboratory supporting instruments, and gradually formed a product pattern of various scientific instruments and technical reserve products. Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. Haozhuang (LNB) brand nitrogen blow dry instrument (Termovap Sample Concentrator) is also known as: nitrogen concentration device, nitrogen purge instrument, nitrogen blow concentrator, referred to as: nitrogen blow instrument, nitrogen blow instrument, with For sample preparation in liquid phase, gas phase and mass spectrometry analysis, using internationally recognized technology, Baojing nitrogen blower usually blows nitrogen into the surface of the heated sample for sample concentration. Get the expected results soon. Nitrogen blower is widely used in pesticide residue analysis, commodity inspection, food, environment, pharmaceutical, biological products and other industries.

Shanghai Haozhuang tells you the precautions for using a nitrogen blower:

1. Do not use the nitrogen blower for materials with a flash point below 100 ° C.
2. When using a nitrogen blower, hands and eyes should be protected.
3. The nitrogen blower should be used in a fume hood to ensure good ventilation.
4. Do not move the nitrogen blower during heating to prevent burns.
5. Use a three-wire grounded power supply.
6. Do not open the shell of the water bath with power on to prevent electric shock.
7. The maintenance of the nitrogen blower should be carried out by professionals. Improper replacement of components may cause damage to the nitrogen blower or cause safety hazards.
8. Do not use nitrogen blower for highly flammable substances like petroleum ether.
9. Do not use acidic or alkaline substances, otherwise the nitrogen blower will be damaged.

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