How to use eyebrows to set off your temperament

The eyebrows will make people feel full of spirit, and the whole face will have a sense of improvement. How do different face types change their eyebrows to avoid weaknesses? What is the correct way to repair eyebrows? Here are three types of faces to teach you how to use eyebrows to set off your temperament to cover up defects on your face.

How to use eyebrows to set off your temperament

Long face type : eyebrow color and hair color should be as consistent as possible. Be sure to let the brow be directly above the corner of the eye, widen the distance between the eyebrows, and shrink the sense of length. (Dark-colored eyebrows on the long face will make the long-faced person show a longer face, you can lighten the eyebrows twice, weaken the eyebrows)

Square face type : To eliminate the mandibular angle, the eyebrow shape should be natural and arc-shaped, do not deliberately rise, so that it can have a gentle face contraction effect. (Use the curved eyebrows to soften the angular face. Imagine if the effect of the word eyebrows will be more square, it will not compensate for the face defects )

Round face type : The position of the brow should be set at 3mm outward from the corner of the eye. The angle of the eyebrow tilt should be increased to 12°, and the end of the eyebrow should be extended by 3mm, which can make the face slim and long. (Again, the round face we have to use the angular eyebrows to make the decoration, the inclined eyebrow shape helps to pull the face shape, the round face is not suitable for the eyebrows and the arc shape of the eyebrows)

Eyebrows seem to be simple. In fact, once you lose your hand, it is very difficult to repair. The eyebrows that are trimmed and unplugged cannot grow out immediately. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully observe the mirror first to find out whether your eyebrows are thick or sparse. If there is a left-right asymmetry, then carefully repair one root. Be especially careful when using eyebrow scissors, slim eyebrow brushes, and eyebrow tweezers to damage your eyes.

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