How to quickly remove eye bags? Ten strokes are easy to get

With the increase of age, the formation of eye bags is inevitable. In addition to these necessary factors, many young people will also have long eye bags, because eye bags are divided into temporary and permanent. For these bags, we will teach you how to quickly remove them. Eye bags? Introduce some tips for going to the eye bags. Whether you have long eye bags, you can predict or maintain it in advance, because women should prevent eye bags from forming in advance.
How to quickly remove the eye bags, go to the eye bags, massage the eyes
How to quickly remove eye bags:
Go to the eye bag, a small door:: Vitamin E massage eye
Before going to bed at night, apply the transparent mucus in the vitamin E capsule to the skin on the lower part of the eyelid, and then massage it gently to eliminate the lower eye bags and delay aging.
Massage eye techniques:
Blinking the rim of the eye: Use the index finger or middle finger to gently operate on the affected side of the orbicularis. The patient needs to close his eyes for 5 minutes.
Click on the four hundred, scorpion scorpion and the back of the ball: press the thumb and abdomen at each acupoint for 1~2 minutes. The technique is mild and moderate. When the acupoints of the acupoints are more obvious, click on other acupuncture points.
Press 揉 spleen, Shenshu: thumb and abdomen press spleen and Shenshu for 1 minute each.
Go to the bags under the eyes 2: Creamy beats the face
Use more creamy skin care products on the face during the autumn and winter seasons. Pay attention to the face with your fingers facing up. On the fragile skin around the eyes, pay special attention to the tapping action. Usually, you should avoid pulling the lower eyelids at random or stretching them outwards.
Go to the eye bag, small tricks three: hot towel, apply eye circumference
However, depending on the situation, apply a hot towel to the eye, or rub the heat with both hands and apply the palm of your eye for about 5 to 10 minutes.
Xiaobian Tip: When acupoint massage in the eye, pay attention to the intensity, not too much force, so as not to cause wrinkles or damage the skin.
Go to the eye bag, small tricks four: blinking method
I often open my eyes and exercise my eye muscles for about 10 minutes each time. Can help relieve eye bags and dark circles.
Go to the eye bag, small tricks five: lying
Slanting on a sloping board for a few minutes every day, in order to increase the blood circulation of the head and face, eliminate the sagging of the lower eyelids or form a capsular bag, and improve the nutritional status of the facial skin.
Go to the eye bag, small door six: fig / cucumber eye
Before going to bed, stick the auxiliary fig or cucumber slices in the lower part of the eye and stick to it to reduce the bags under the eyes. You can also use hot water to make papaya and mint leaves into tea. After cooling, pick up the skin on the lower part of the eye to help speed up the lymph circulation of the eye and facilitate drainage and detoxification.
Go to the eye bag tips 7: homemade eye mask
For eye bags, you often use chamomile, fine black tea or rose seed preparations, and warmed castor oil or olive oil, which is applied to the bags under the eyes for 15 minutes to several hours a day. These substances help to solve the lower part of the eyes. Pouch bag problem.
Xiaobian Tip: Hot compress is best done before going to bed, the effect is better.
Go to the eye bag, the little trick eight: potato eye
You can use the potato chips to wipe the eyelids first, then apply the potato chips to the lower eyelids, remove them in 15~20 minutes, and use them for a long time to eliminate the lower eye bags.
Go to the eye bag, small tricks nine: eye drainage
Do not drink water for half an hour before going to bed. This affects the circulation of the eye, resulting in poor drainage and forming an eye bag. You can open the eye acupuncture point to implement the drainage plan.
Method: Close your eyes, lie flat on the bed, gently press the æ”’ bamboo hole with your index finger, which is the depression below the brow, which can ease the fatigue of the eyes and help the excess water to be discharged as soon as possible.
Go to the eye bag tips 10: Food balance conditioning
Chewing carrots, celery or chewing gum often in your daily diet. Usually need to eat gelatinous, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and other foods, pay attention to diet balance, which can provide the necessary nutrition for the regeneration of eye tissue cells, which is good for eliminating the lower eye bags.

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