Home Feng Shui knowledge wary these seven kinds of bedroom placement is easy to bring emotional storm

Home feng shui knowledge, about family life happiness, Xiao Bian today for everyone to organize seven kinds of bedroom placement, it is easy to bring emotional storms, be sure to be vigilant!

First, put flowers on the bed, easy to make peach blossoms.

Both husband and wife will have an affair. Over time, they will part ways and their families will be broken.


Second, the bed is too close to the glass window.


No dependence, can not be down to earth, affecting the development of the cause. Modern metropolises often have buildings in front of the building, buildings in the back of the building, buildings in the building, and the bed is too close to the windows, so that the bedroom can not maintain its privacy very well; the saying "multiple dreams under the window" is also in my practice. It was fulfilled. According to the Feng Shui book, lying in bed is too close to the window, which is easy to cause "red apricots to go out of the wall."

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