High precision (0.1 ℃) constant temperature water bath

The high-precision (0.1 ℃) constant temperature water bath is a new generation of all-digital temperature-controlled water bath. It adopts a new fuzzy digital control theory and a fully intelligent approach. When the temperature is close to the set temperature, the heating power is controlled by variable frequency power to avoid temperature Variations and "overshoot inertia" and other phenomena make the temperature of the water bath stable in a straight line, greatly improving the temperature control effect.

   PLC controlling system;

    Easy parameter setting and adjusting.

   4-6-8-10 Stations working table;

    Products replace keep continuing printing , increase production speed.

   Automatic rotating system;

    Precision transport, keep same position printing, 

   T slot or Vacuum working table;

    T slot workbench suitable for plastics injection parts , Vacuum workbench suitable for paper, film.

   Servo system;

    High accurate position, Any position adjustable 

   Robot downloading system.

    Install robot system, automatic take off the products after printing, increase production 


    Plain Screen Printing Machine 

   Tabletop plain Screen Printing Machine install 4 stations rotating workbench, Suitable for plain products high speed continue printing, save products replace time, Low price and high quality , suitable for small factory and low investment.

Rotating Table Screen Printing Machine With Robot

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