High-grade cigarette package printing environmental protection program and thermal transfer (2)

4, the development of tipping paper - health + environmental protection

In recent years, the tipping paper has been greatly developed and innovated in functions and uses. The use of tipping paper in cigarette factories is not only limited to simple packaging, but also pays more attention to decorativeness and has higher requirements for printing aesthetics of tipping paper. At the same time, with the growing demand for cigarette health and environmental protection, on the one hand, punched tipping paper has developed rapidly, and in particular, perforation tipping (paper) is increasingly favored by cigarette factories, in the coke-reduction project of the tobacco industry. Played an important role. On the other hand, the hygienic requirements of the tipping paper itself have also been increasingly valued by various tobacco plants. Now, the tipping paper must be taken during the printing process; use of a large number of chemicals, such as inks, pigments, organic solvents, etc., these materials have great harm to human health. Because the tipping paper is in direct contact with the smoker, the printing ink and coating of the tipping paper must be non-toxic, in line with food hygiene, and have a certain degree of water resistance and moisture resistance.

At present, the main difficulty in the environmental protection work of tipping paper is the issue of ink qualification rate. For example, in the last year or two, Pearlescent tipping paper, commonly used on domestic high-grade cigarettes, is popular among cigarette companies for its elegant and soft style of decorative effects. However, spot checks conducted by the National Tobacco Standards Center indicated that a large part of the pearlescent tipping paper contained excessive levels of harmful substances such as aluminum and arsenic. To this end, some packaging companies actively seek solutions. For example, as a leading international pharmaceutical and fine chemical company, Merck, in order to meet the needs of domestic manufacturers, not only provides related professional consultations to cigarette companies, but also prepares to launch a new generation of pearlescent pigments to maintain green and healthy health indicators. It is more convenient for the preparation of pearlescent inks, the printing of tipping papers and the performance of stronger gloss effects. In addition, for instance, Minfeng Shuisong Paper Co., Ltd. insists on using self-produced traditional ink in the production of tipping paper, not only reducing the effect of ink odor on the aroma of tobacco, but also reducing the amount of benzene contained in the ink, effectively ensuring the environmental protection of the product. Sex. On the whole, health and environmental protection will be the development trend and basic requirements of the tipping paper in the future.

Thermal transfer printing uses and advantages

The printers that most people know are usually needles, ink jets, and laser printers, but you may not notice that almost all of the products in our environment have labels printed using thermal transfer technology. For example, Open the phone case, inside can see densely packed with bar code labels, generally high-grade packaging of wheat head has a thermal transfer printed out of a product label stickers, usually with a bar code. In addition, when purchasing clothes, the tag on the clothing is usually printed by thermal transfer printing. Train tickets, boarding passes, and luggage tags purchased at the train station are all printed using thermal transfer technology. In particular, behind almost all electrical products, there are some label labels printed using thermal transfer technology. Like laptop computers, there are more than one label printed in this way. Why use thermal transfer printing, how is heat transfer generated?

Because there are many labels, it must be able to withstand the test of time, long-term invariability, text must be stored for a long time, can not fade, can not wear because of contact with the solvent, not because the temperature is higher deformation, and so on, so it is necessary to use a special Material print media and printing materials to ensure these characteristics, the general inkjet printing technology can not be achieved, laser printing can not be achieved, but the effect of the needle and the original design can not meet the requirements, so with the emergence of thermal transfer technology. Thermal transfer technology, simply put, is the use of a special ribbon, through the working principle of a fax-like print head, the toner coating on the ribbon is heated to transfer to paper or other materials In addition, because the coating material on the carbon ribbon can be selected according to need, resulting in strong adhesion, plus the choice of print media, it can ensure that the printed handwriting is not affected by the outside world. And this heating process, how to heat, can be given to the computer to control. At present, since various softwares have been developed to print labels, it is very convenient for the users, especially in general. Labels must generate bar codes. The production of bar code symbols has therefore become an indispensable tool for such software.

The general printer design is usually designed for A4 paper size. Some people must order separately to print on such a paper, which is very uneconomical. Moreover, for the factory, sometimes the number of prints must reach one hour. Thousands of prints, these printers on the market can not be completed, so design a printer that can print continuously and quickly for small paper. In the case of ARGOX printers that are common on the market, printing can be done up to 10 meters per minute. If a label is 2 centimeters high, it can print 500 sheets in a minute. A dedicated label printer is more than that. It also addresses the needs of the factory. It can be combined with a scanner or keyboard and can be operated independently. It does not necessarily require a personal computer to operate. Just like a photo printer now, it can read data directly. No longer need to rely on computers to save extra investment in factories.

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