Graduate Student Reagent-Raspberry

Raspberry [Pinyin Name] Fù Pén Zi [English Name] FRUCTUS RUBI [Source] This product is a dried fruit of the Rubus family Rubus chingii Hu. In early summer, the fruit is harvested when it changes from green to greenish yellow. The stems and leaves are removed, and the boiling water is slightly hot or slightly steamed, taken out and dried. [Properties] This product is an aggregate fruit, which is formed by the aggregation of most small drupes. It is conical or flat conical, with a height of 0.6-1.3cm and a diameter of 0.5-1.2cm. The surface is yellow-green or light brown, the tip is blunt, and the center of the base is concave. Su calyx is tan with fruit stem marks. The small fruits are easy to flake. Each small fruit has a half-moon shape. The back is densely covered with gray and white hairs. There are obvious net patterns on both sides. Lightweight and hard. Slight gas, slightly sour taste. [Identification] This product powder is brownish yellow. Non-glandular single cells, 60-450μm long, 12-20μm in diameter, very thick wall, woody, most have double threads, some body is easy to fall off, the foot is left and buried in the epidermal layer, the surface view is round polygon Or oblong, about 23μm in diameter, with branched cells, resembling stone cells. Calcium oxalate cluster crystals are more common, with a diameter of 18-50μm. The peel fiber is yellow, and the upper and lower layers are arranged in a crisscross pattern or diagonally. 【Sexual taste】 Sweet, sour and warm. 【Missing】 Return to the kidney and bladder. 【Functions】 Benefit kidney, fix essence, reduce urine. For kidney deficiency enuresis, frequent urination, impotence and premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission. 【Usage and dosage】 6 ~ 12g. [Storage] Store in a dry place.

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