Giant woman Liang Luo Shi's skin care experience

Liang Luo Shi, a 21-year-old "problem girl", has been born out of marriage for less than a year. Recently, Hong Kong actress Liang Luo Shi and the wealthy businessman Li Zezhen have sent good news again. In today's materialistic society, the combination of "male and feminine appearance" seems to be the mainstream, and many women dream of Cinderella's fairy tale. However, why do you marry into the giants? Let's take a look at the skin care experience of Liang Luo Shi Haomen women!

Liang Luo Shi was born in a poor family. She relied on her mother to work in the casino to raise an adult. In order to improve the family's economic situation, she entered the entertainment circle at the age of 12. At the age of 16, he was officially debuted by the British Emperor and became the new generation of "Little Boy Killer" against Cecilia Cheung. It was also a huge insurance for her good looks. When it comes to skin care, she thinks that the most important thing is to drink more water and eat more vegetables, and sleep enough. The most exaggerated thing is that once she was filming on a desert island, she brought five boxes of luggage, two of which were skin care products. She said: "The reason why I did not tanning is the result of the whitening mask. I have to apply a mask to sleep after I finish work every day!"

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